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    Hey All

    SMA has updated to 2.4
    We have finished our latest update its mostly a bug fix clean up and Audio overhaul for APEX update.
    Check Main page for Download link and also the changelog.

    Thanks all for your support.

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    Yeah not bad nice work to the SMA team!



    Nice work as always man.



    just confirming, is this on ASORsync? I know I downloaded 1 gig (I think it was) last night before jumping online (my internet has been really slow so it took forever) – would that download be this?


    If you press update and it says there is no updates that would have been it.



    ok no worries. My internet has been really slow of late (only getting 7mb speeds but it can drop to 2mb or lower) after moving to Indooroopilly. Previously I lived about 100m from the exchange at Mt Ommaney so had speeds of 20mbps 🙂


    Perhaps it is just me and my individual download, but whenever I attempt to select full auto fire on the weapons it makes my character put his weapon on his back. And if using a 203 then once the gl is selected then I can’t switch back to the magazine firing. That and I get an infinite ammo when firing in semi-auto! Love the new sounds though, sounds are nice and clear cut. Installation for me was copy over all the new files into the @SMA folder, overwriting any identical older files. I did delete an older file, stockrecoil.pbo I think it was but I was under the impression this was not needed as it was not in the 2.4 addons folder.

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    Phil just update your repo..


    PHIL, please use AsorSync for the update to ensure files are exactly as they should be.


    Didn’t know it was up on the repo so DL from the downloads page like Chambers posted initially. Thanks though, just wanted to check it was me only and that there was no 2.4 release that would cause Chambers to have a headache bug squashing and patching.


    Thanks phil…

    Not that i seen sounds like a wierd bug let me know if all is ok when you update.


    I think its a mod conflict with something that is outside the ASOR modset that I run when not playing with ASOR. Will just have to narrow it down to see which is offending i reckon. EDIT >>> found it, was running the old ikr_ammo.pbo addon. For some reason I must have still thought it was necessary for the disposable launchers hahaha #fail.

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    Hey Chambers, Does the “clear jam” every mag issues have anything to do with SMA guns or is it the RHS mod? Last night I had this issue when I used one of the MA14’s and a suppressor and I thought it might be that I had a wrong Suppressor on the wrong gun so I took it off. I never had the issue with my scar so I’m not sure whats making it happen. Any ideas?

    PS, it got me killed ones and shot up another time as I tried to reload before realizing it was a jam and then clearing it, got head shot….pissed or what.


    I had no jams at all using the L85 RIS, and I fired off lots of ammunition in both single shots and automatic.
    I wasn’t running a suppressor – I have heard that a suppressor can increase the jamming frequency, however I don’t know if that’s correct.


    While I hold Chambers and the SMA teams work in extremely high regard, I doubt that the Suppressors have the characteristics of jamming your weapon if they are incorrect. As far as I know, I don’t even think you ‘can’ equip the wrong suppressor.

    If it is a thing, then I’ll bite my tongue and hold the SMA equipment in higher regard.

    Edit: I thought all the Suppressors you could grab out of the gear selector for a particular gun, were correct for that Weapon…

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    Jamming is an ACE3 feature.. nothing to do with SMA. SMA could override the variables.. but it’s really an ACE problem. We’re going to fix or remove it.

    And yeah.. you can’t put the ‘wrong’ suppressor on a gun.


    It’s obviously a completely random variable that changes randomly, or it has other factors like Weapon heat maybe.

    All I know is, since playing Arma 3 along with the ACE Mod, my weapon has jammed one time.
    (I.e 70-80 Ops with ASOR). Seems to be random for everyone.

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    I love the jams, just wish they were a little less frequent. That said, going cyclic on an AR after a few mags will lead to stoppages.

    I had about 12 last night, running with a suppressor. That said, weapon heat was maxed out.

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    Yeah, it’s based on these (this is how you define it for guns.. SMA uses defaults listed here).

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