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    Congratulations Chambers, it’s a great achievement and you should be proud of the work you and the team have done. We’re fortunate to have you here in ASOR. 🙂


    Nice work Chambers and Co! Cannot wait to get the Minimi into action, that reload animation is so awesome and accurate and sounds are beast.

    The showcase is great except for the pommie accent guy his crap! 😉


    I kept checking if I was logged into TS when I was playing the showcase 😉

    So much fun playing with everything. Every op night gets harder and harder to gear up each release 🙂

    Minimi’s are SQL weapons right?

    – OJ


    Nice work Guys! The showcase video was awesome and the level of detail in each gun is spectacular. Loved Isan’s speech as you go walking through the door 😉


    This is on the repo now too (required for tonight).

    If you downloaded it from Armaholic, just rename the folder to @SMA and ASORSYNC should pick it up.


    Lol I just watched the views on the teaser go from 848 to 1272 in about 40 minutes. People must be waking up somewhere in the world…

    – OJ


    800 mb update people, don’t leave it to the last minute.


    Yeah sorry for late notice update but really want SMA2.0 in there now! 🙂


    To play the showcase, just go into Play > Showcases in game. Don’t need to copy missions around or anything any more.


    1756 views, 12 likes, 1 retard (dislike).


    Congrats team SMA. Awesome job.


    Ditto what the Yorkshire Pud said.


    after last night I’ve swapped my go to rifle to the L85 RIS … it is amazing. I was dropping dudes at 400-600 with ease, and with the Vortex 3x scope, its a beast at those ranges. I find the recoil a lot easy to manage too. The problem is Chambers, I now have about half a dozen “go to” guns and not enough nights to use them all…

    Great work mate, you and the team have excelled yet again.


    Last night was my first time using the Tavor for any length of time. Love it. 🙂



    Really looking forward to getting on the server to try out the new toys , awesome work Chambers please pass on my compliments the whole SMA crew

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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