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    Hey all

    As some of you know im back from a break and getting back into the swing again.
    We are working on our last release for SMA now and i have done a restructure of some things we had planned to do.
    I will post up here WIP pics as we get closer.

    we are working on
    Custom AK – still wip Model fixes and then texturing
    F90\EF88 – Model Basically complete
    SRS Sniper- Model yet to complete fully will not take long though
    Elcan Specter DR- Model Nearing completion shape looks fantastic so far
    Aimpoint T1- Model near done
    Acog- Model done just doing Textures
    HK 416- new model ready i will have this ported in very soon

    Looking forward to it

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    I noticed that the SMA mode site is not supported. Really such a good mod was abandoned?

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by  Dedoz.

    At this time, the SMA mod is not currently being continued due to it’s head author and original creator having a child and stepping away from the Arma 3 Community. Not every mod author just “Abandons” their mod. Hopefully you can take that into consideration. We have no news whether the mod will be continued by members of his team.

    It’s sad that it is this way, but sometimes it’s better to be happy it happened, rather than sad that it ended. It’s a great mod regardless of being 1 version short of full completion.


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    Thank you for the information. Family is always more important, good luck them.

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