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    Hey all

    As some of you know im back from a break and getting back into the swing again.
    We are working on our last release for SMA now and i have done a restructure of some things we had planned to do.
    I will post up here WIP pics as we get closer.

    we are working on
    Custom AK – still wip Model fixes and then texturing
    F90\EF88 – Model Basically complete
    SRS Sniper- Model yet to complete fully will not take long though
    Elcan Specter DR- Model Nearing completion shape looks fantastic so far
    Aimpoint T1- Model near done
    Acog- Model done just doing Textures
    HK 416- new model ready i will have this ported in very soon

    Looking forward to it

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    Whoop whoop!


    Sounds awesome. Lots of goodies I’ve been looking forward to.


    Sounds great Chambers. Really looking forward to getting a decent Elcan back.



    Awesome news Chambers great to have you back in action again



    I hate to be that guy but i am that guy!

    1. Custom AK will there be different variants to fire different calibers? (e.g 5.56, 7.62 and 5.45)

    2. The EF88 will it come with its Double-action, side-opening Grenade Launcher?

    3. Will the ACOG come with backup red dot ? AND possibly Improved Red Dot Grenade Launcher Sight (Link provided)

    Lastly keep up the awesome work Chambers and the SMA team!


    Apologies chambers, superwog is that member of asor that is like dog shit grated into the carpet, once the smell is there, there’s no getting rid of it hahahaha



    Lol Timmeh, Just good to have you back Chambers.



    Is the FN2000 still on the books i saw it was part of the V3.0 list , just curious


    Hey crom

    So i was planning on an F2000 for V3 but with things the way they are i have unfortunately had to shorten the list of weapons we intend to do. This stuff really takes time and we been doing this for 3 years already. If after V3 i have time to complete 1 or 2 weapons i will but for now we will be working on the last of our updated list and then we will be signing off.



    No probs was just curious you guys are doing a awesome job and i for one have never seen this kind of artwork for a game ever cheers all


    Sorry i have not kept this forum updated been very busy.
    V3 is moving along but we will be doing a release inbetween . So in 2.7 we can expect updated hk416 and 417 models and tex also some new optics (yes finally the Elcan) and a complete audio overhaul that should compleatly transform the immersion and authenticity of the pack.

    We are just finishing off textures on the 417 as we had some issues with the model that has set us back but we are on top of things now and looking good. Not long now



    Specter DFOV14-C1 and DFOV14-C2?


    Excited… Like “Big Kev” excited for this.
    I have missed my Elcan Specter.


    Ill try do both. Dfovc1 and Dfovc2

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    Seriously Chambers, we need one of these.

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    I don’t know why the owner bothered with sights on that thing, the barrel is so short (and lacking of chokes) that the spread would be barn sized at 10m



    So slugs then


    #Buyarifle haha



    20 inch barrels please on non bullpups if you can.



    Please I beg of you make the Jack Carbine I’ve been waiting so long in anticipation of this weapon!

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