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    Chambers – you mentioned you were thinking of making a showcase video. Is that still a plan, and would you like some help with setting up scenes etc.
    I think it would be great to release a short video showing off all the features if the version 2.0 public release.

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    Yea reaper

    I am really keen to have a promo video on release of this next public version. Im looking for a short vid with slowmotion capture and flybys of the guns accessories and the showcase range. Similar quality and feel to videos like RHS and R3f done.
    looking for cool scenes to promote excitement and i need to make sure that only SMA and vanilla uniforms are used in the scenes.

    I have not delved into recording games so im unfamiliar with how to.


    Happy to record/edit if you need it.


    I was thinking of a video showing the weapons and scopes in action, perhaps including some room clearing or step-off little bird assaults etc.
    Then you can caption or voiceover the features being displayed, such as the multi-setting scopes etc.


    Yea good ideas. Probably be good to showcase the optics in action.


    Don’t want to put my nose in here but would it be good if we scripted a scenario and text for people to say before recoding to make it more like a movie than just a demo vid? We have some really funny people in ASOR and I’m sure we can come up with a script for a 3 minute show that uses all the weapons, attachments and vehicles etc. I think a storyboard would work great to get the outline and everyone can throw in ideas.

    I’ve been thinking of a scene where someone gets shot and everything fades to black and the scene opens with a fight scene using one of the new SMA guns… the end, the medics bring the guy back and he wakes up and says something like “I’ve just seen the future and it is SMA!” or something corny like that. A bit theatrical but would be fun.

    What do you think?


    Don’t want to put my nose in here but would it be good if we scripted a scenario and text for people to say before recoding to make it more like a movie than just a demo vid?

    Roll playing? I love that shit!


    Don’t want to put my nose

    Ugh. Gluggy sticking his damn nose in again! all the freaking time! its bad enough when he says hello in channel!!

    **NOTE** Just kidding Gluggy, i just like ripping on you coz you take it like a champ! **NOTE**

    Remember! your the reason why i found ASOR hahahaha!


    Remember! your the reason why i found ASOR hahahaha!

    We need to have a talk Gluggy…



    I’ve done this sort of thing before in terms of putting together a showcase for a community. If we are aiming for the focus to be the ASOR community then a sort of action scenario, would work better to show off how we do things. You could obviously weave in a showcase for the 2.0 public release features into the story, close up of weapon models etc. But if you want to only focus on that aspect of the showcase, then a story would seem a bit pointless to me.

    What I mean by that is if we are trying to show of features in the 2.0 public release, then from a pure marketing point of view, making that the central focus should be the only thing going on; Make it as informative as possible. “Here are the features, this is why they are awesome, what makes it different from others out there and here they are in action.”

    Or perhaps make two videos? One that shows off the ASOR community in a sort of scenario, make it as fun and as exciting as our operations are, weave in spotlights of the 2.0 features like a close up or something. And the other video described in the above paragraph; quick and to the point without the fluff of a story behind it all.

    Just to summarise; Is this showcase looking to entertain? Inform? Get people wanting to sign up for ASOR? Or a mixture of all 3?
    Food for thought.

    My 2cents, as I’m sure you were all dying to know my opinion on the matter.


    This thread is about a video showcase for the imminent SMA 2.0 public release.
    Reaper didn’t really make that clear, but this is a follow-on topic from a very specific request Chambers put out to everyone.

    The rest of the discussion here is off topic 🙂

    We’re always happy for people to showcase their ASOR gaming. I do alot – still have about 600 gigs of footage waiting to be opvided and montaged….

    I never offered to do the one for Chambers as I cannot do splendid camera and/or scripted fly-bys to capture the footage needed to showcase the SMA content as Blaze desires. Seems there’s a few people who can do such things tho.

    All the other ideas about ASOR vids, another thread would be best I think so as not to lose track that SMA 2.0 is the focus here 🙂

    – OJ


    Thanks OJ.



    Fair enough

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