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    Hi all,
    Another noob question, probably not deserving a reply;
    How well modelled are the various calibres in ARMA 3?
    (In particular 5.56, 7.62 and 300 blackout).
    I know a little about how they perform in RL and wonder if this info is relevant in game.
    Thanks in advance for any help given


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    We use sma weapons primarily, BlazenChambeR and another guy, Spartan did alot of work to get that kind of stuff as accurate as arma could allow.

    If you have a spare several hours hitup spartan in discord (is member of asor discord channel) and you can talk all about it.


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    They behave about 90% to real life. Trajectory, muzzle velocity, air drag and terminal (after its hit something) ballistics are very well modeled. what isn’t modelled is spin drift, coriolis effect or wind. I have real world .308 data that lines up pretty closely to the in-game 7.62.


    I shoot people. They die. Seems legit.


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    Encouraging to know that 7.62 is modelled close to real life.
    I would expect that 5.56 is also well modelled but wonder whether the newer calibres have had the same attention. I’m hoping so; quite like the idea of using 300 blackout for urban operations.
    Thanks for your replies –

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    In practice, the only thing you’ll ever need to worry about is the trajectory and what everyone else is using.

    The non-marksman scopes come pre-zeroed for a particular caliber; the crosshair notches that indicate distance will only work with the ammo the scope was designed for. If you wack an Elcan on top of a .300 blackout rifle, you’ve just made it a bit harder to engage targets at range.

    I encourage my squad to always take 5.56 rifles so that we can trade magazines when ammo gets tight and resupply is a long way off (happens all the time). The one guy with a different caliber can become a hindrance to the squad in those situations.


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    Do you use 5.56 in all situations and environments?
    Does the PLA use 5.45 or 7.62×39?
    Is there an intelligence section somewhere here??


    You probably could have found this information if you googled “PLA guns” but I’ll put in here anyways. The PLA use a 5.8mm round in their assault rifles and LMGs. It’s pretty similar to the 5.56mm, they’re the only state that uses the round as far as I know.

    The 5.56mm doesn’t produce much recoil, hits pretty hard, and it pretty light to carry. The downside is it’s not too great for longer range shots.

    The 7.62mm NATO round we have hits a lot harder, usually drops enemy in one hit. It weighs a fair amount. so you can’t carry as much, but it’s very accurate at longer ranges.

    I usually decide on ammo type based on the terrain; if there’s large open fields I usually go with 7.62, helps with longer range shooting. Urban is usually 5.56mm.

    If you’re in doubt about what to take, just ask your FTL and they’ll tell you what they want.


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    As a general rule, rifles with 5.56 ammo and LMGs with 7.62 ammo, although we have just started using the 5.56 variant of the Minimi. Same logic applies to machine gunners though, both LMGs should have the same caliber so they can share ammo boxes.

    This is standard fare for ASOR and militaries in general. Specialist roles like Assassin can select whatever caliber is needed for the job, but honestly the only advantage of .300BLK is for suppressed setups.


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    There are also variations of the ammunition modelled for different applications – EPR vs. MK 318 etc.


    There’s a fair bit of info on the variations and stuff (that we use, not PLA) here:


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    If you want play around in your own time there is a dedicated PLA mod that isn’t bad. Not saying here that we should use it just a fyi if it wasn’ t widely know. (I have to put that in here, lol)

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