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    Found this command today and it works to convert a mission over, done a simple one to test. I have not tested with advanced placements or waypoints and things like that but if it works we could build our missions in EDEN, convert to 2D, merge into template and done.

    [] call BIS_fnc_3DENExportOldSQM;

    Load mission and execute in debug console, it copies the mission to clipboard in SQM format, save as mission.sqm in your mission folder. (I renamed the original EDEN one to mission_eden.sqm so if I need to go back I can although ARMA converts 2D to 3D anyway but a good back anyhow)

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    Does this fix JIP?


    well if you used the EDEN to create your scenario then import the 2D ASOR Template there should not be a problem as all the settings that break are part of the template. Basically if you export your mission in the end as 2D it will work.

    Actually heard today that things placed in the 2D editor will work like ZUES and HC modules when they are converted to 3D(EDEN). I think the problem is the description.ext command now built into ZUES dont work properly, some not at all which control the JIP and other ingame settings.


    Nothing is ever easy with ARMA…


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    Legend. I dont really have probs using 2d for asoredit & waypoints, prob easier to link/sync the old way anyway. But if can place objects & set up static environment first in eden them save to sqm, thats perfect.


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    Just used the command for a larger mission and it seems to have missed out on a lot of stuff. ASOREdit Modules are gone, so are a lot of my waypoints. Just thought I’d give a heads-up.


    Thanks for the heads up. I think if we can use EDEN to build the environment then export into 2D editor for unit and module placement it should be workable.

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