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    I am out of Ops for the short term until I can get this recent infernal problem of all my games crashing within a few minutes of running.
    This applies both to my Steam and non-Steam games.
    I though I had the problem solved, but the more I Google it, the more there is to try.
    So I’m out of options at the moment, not knowing whether it’s hardware or software issues (or both!).

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    Is it all games?
    Are some games worse than others?


    try new ram harmer, 9/10 its memory!


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    Yeah bad ram can cause all sorts of weird things. Hope you get it sorted.


    @Reaps. Doesn’t follow any sort of logical pattern. My PC even decided to shut down and restart yesterday even without running a game. This was a new one. I’ve also had the DPC Watchdog Violation blue screen of death, but I think I’ve fixed that.
    I’ve also run he windows memory diagnostic tool, but it hasn’t shown any errors.


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    The windows memory diagnostic is full of shit; I returned my new RAM just this morning because it came up with 826 errors using memtest86… even though the WMD said everything was working fine.

    Replacement RAM is working fine so far, did a quick first pass (1 out of 4) using memtest, zero errors.


    Download the USB tool, extract it and then run the program. It installs a bootable version onto a USB (have one plugged in at the time). Once thats done, restart and press f8 or f9 as you’re starting and it will take you to a boot priority screen… select the USB and boot from that. Memtest takes ages, best to leave it over night. The first test (out of 4) takes about half an hour and youll know straight away after that one if theres any issues. The next 3 tests are more in depth and really flush your memory for issues, they take a few hours.

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    Ok. Cheers. Will try it.
    I also often get mouse latency and TS stutter when the game is about to crash.


    Ok. Ran Memtest 86 for 9.5 hours last night and it came up with no errors, so I can presume that my pc memory is ok.


    bummer, well thats the cheapest hardware option out.
    My next vote would be powersupply.


    Ok. Signed up for tonight. Fingers crossed.
    I have done a re-install of Windows and everything seems to be testing out fine.
    I’d like to thank Dave, Chang and others that gave me helpful advice on the Discord Help channel, and also Jewfishy who very kindly sent me his spare TB drive, saving me the cost of having to purchase one for back up purposes.

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