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    This should help with higher quality video, without hurting performance too much.
    Ideal for people with high-end video cards, as the major hit from these changes is GPU, not CPU.

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    As Lecks has noted, framerate DROPS when applying these settings. Mine went from ~85 to ~50, so still very playable, but the picture quality is much nicer (IMHO). This is about getting playable framerates with really nice picture quality.
    Setting SHARPEN to 100% is a matter of personal preference.
    I had it at 0% to blur the crappy textures on the ARMA 2 ported objects and make them a little less ugly.

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    Thanks for this mate! Might bring me closer to getting that photography badge with these settings πŸ˜‰


    For me it’s about being able to see and PID better.
    The settings I had previously made trees more difficult to see through, and I suspect was giving me a false sense of concealment.
    The new settings look prettier, but they also give better overall visibility, admittedly at the cost of frame rates.
    Given the cost is entirely due to the GPU load, it shouldn’t affect multiplayer frame rates much if at all.


    Thanks reaps going to give this a go Sunday.


    I was thinking I would make a better video that shows Optimal settings for performance, balanced settings, and optimal (but playable) settings for clarity and quality.
    If I get time on the weekend…


    thanks for the post Reaps, I’ll give these a go now I have my new rig. Cheers


    Hey Reaps. Did as you said but my frames rates got hammered, but were ok when I reduced the sampling to 150% so I’m running with that. Cheers.


    No worries. Depends on the video card. My sampling was at 200% all night on Sunday and I had good frames. Chernorus looked so much better than it used to.


    I had to drop mine too to 150% , which I dont really get unless your running a 1050 reaps? If your not then there must be some other setting, not like a i have a low end machone. On 200% though I got a slight stutter as I moved along rather than it being fluid.


    I’m running an Intel i7-6700K, 32GB of RAM @3000 and a 1080GTX GPU.
    Mine ran smooth all night, and the lowest it got to was high 20s in really busy scenes.

    There are other video settings you need to check that can make a big difference in frame performance. Draw distance and shadows being the main ones.
    ACE also has draw distance settings, and you should ideally set them the same, and NOT use dynamic ACE video settings because I have heard it doesn’t inherit them from your ARMA settings properly.

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