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    Hi , I have arma 3 and I’m looking to join up with a group of people to really get into the game. I’m 19 and have experience playing with regiments and following orders.

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    Mr Healy will be along short-ish to give you the official ASOR welcome. In the meantime, always click on Woodsylords’ links and if you can drop a frag near a bloke called suits during de-brief, you will have made a name for yourself quite quickly.


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    ahahahah I’ll keep all of that in mind


    Hi DaBear,
    You can find information for new members in the initial post of this thread. It’s also pinned to the top of this “New Members” Forum.
    Please read it thoroughly, and set your attendance for the next Induction Night.




    And did you change “short” to “shortish” because of my previous Late Arrivals Harmer?! You Bugger! 😉


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    Thank you , see you next tuesday

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