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    At the moment I have a R7 370 4gb which is dying a quick and painful death. I have been looking to update my gpu and want some opinions on what is best to get. As I understand Arma is cpu intensive, what I have at the moment is a i5 4590 3.30Ghz processor. My psu is 6590W.

    What I am was originally looking at is the gtx1060 6gb line. And keeping that as a mid range option for 3-4 years before upgrading to a better one. I’m on a uni student budget etc etc. I’ll probably be looking to upgrade my CPU at some stage. Anyway. I would appreciate some suggestions as to what upgrades I should get and when.
    Thanks in advance.
    Oh the “Irony”

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    Honestly, buy a 1080 to future proof. If you can’t afford, 980TIs are cheap as hell second hand. Also, ask around in Discord, some of us (not me) may have some stuff to move on.


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    Without knowing your *actual* budget, it’s hard to give meaningful advice.
    How much will you spend?


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    At the moment 600 is probably my limit.


    If it’s just for Arma and you run a 1080p monitor, the CPU would probably still be your bottleneck with a 1060. For 90% of other games, the more you spend, the better you’ll get, but 1060 would be decent. If you can find a cheap 980ti as Woodsy said it’d be better (similar performance to 1080). Guessing there’s a typo in your PSU wattage, but if it’s a decent 650w it should run either fine.


    I agree with Leck’s assessment. I would also advise you to stay clear of second hand cards unless you know the seller.
    Too much chance of getting one that’s been overclocked or has hardware issues if you buy from the broader internet sight-unseen.


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    Ok. So I have decided to save up for a 1080ti or a reliable 980ti if one presents itself. If I do get a 1080ti would the bottle neck on my CPU be a major issue for playing arma? Such as stuttering etc? Or will the frame rate simply be limited to my CPU. Which would be manageable until I can get a better processor.


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    Ok so budget isn’t an issue then haha.

    I’ve got a 2600k i7 from 2011-12 and it’s still keeping up with an overclock. In saying that CPU is definitely the most important component for arma. For me the 1080 came first and I expect to have to replace the CPU/mobo pretty soon as I’ve overclocked my cpu an extra 1.1Ghz which can’t be good for longevity

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    Good choice. There won’t be any bottlenecking that you’d notice in most games. ARMA is CPU-bound, so you may not see a big jump in frame rates in ARMA, but you will be able to have it running with ULTRA everything…


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    I never said how long I will have to save Chang XD. It’s going to be a little while….

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