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    The current campaign we have at the moment is ideal for anyone looking to get into mission making, the enemy is not very complex and scenarios can be quite simple which is the ideal point to start at and learn how we (ASOR) do missions.

    At the moment I am basically the only one putting out regular missions with the occasional one here and there from others which is great but I would welcome any assistance from anyone out there even if you only ever produce one a month, a couple of people doing that and it makes all the difference to me. I am really keen to get some free time so I can work on some of my mods, one of which is re-doing ASOREdit for EDEN to make mission making easier yet again.

    I am going to make Tuesday nights when I can mission making help nights whenever I can be on I will idle in the mission editing channel on TS and anyone can come in and just hit me up or I can start them off on the basics or whatever where ever your at. Getting help doesnt mean you have to produce a mission for ASOR either.

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    Sorry I’ll try jump on eden thru next week to see what can do these days. Dont have close to the hours i used to, but ill see how fast can put something together with new editor to help out. Would prob have to aim for the 7th aug mission earliest tho. Will hit u up later on it.

    Hopefully you’ll get a bit more enthusiasm than the usual response.


    I can also assist with this Suitsy if you need. Free most nights to also help others on using ASOREdit.

    Also playing around with an instructional video to go along with the Wiki (it needs to be updated).


    Will there be cake?

    Sounds great suits, this will help me get back into the swing of things.


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    ftl black_dragon leader sotf1 supporter donator

    Can’t attend but would be interested in the content.


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    sotf1 leader donator operator

    Cant get into mission editing channel have tried a few times to join you guys when you were in there.


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    black_dragon donator

    Would love to learn how to make missions, although I’m a big believer in big battle scenarios >:)

    if you are running a training session tomorrow, I will jump online (will be after 8.30pm though if that’s ok). Is there a wiki or some sort of documentation I can read before then (basics)?


    I am not sure how late I will stay on, will probably look at going offline around 8:30pm. There is some old ARMAEdit (ASOREdits original name) videos, they are out dated but shows the concept of how it works. Once I get the updates in that I want to do for ASOREdit for EDEN I will make some quick tips videos that will focus on mission making for ASOR in particular.

    This playlist of 2 videos shows the guts of how it works. (some settings have changed since this video)


    I’m busy most Tuesdays but I will jump online when I get home.
    I need to bang out a couple of missions.


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    thanks Suits, I’ll have a look tonight.


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    I can help with a few, made quite a few missions in the 2D and 3D editor. Just need to watch your vid to familiarise myself with the AE settings and I should be good.

    What is the usual unit ratio you find makes for a ‘hard’ but ‘fun’ mission? With stock Arma, a 1:1 ratio or lower usually works well and you dont get a complete wipe of players, but these guys should be a little easier than stock without all the armour.


    The ideal ratio depends on the engagement.
    If there is armour or technicals involved, if we have CAS available etc.
    It’s not a simple answer…


    Still trying determine a decent ratio for tanoa. The difference from jungle or not is huge which makes it hard to judge. If i had to put a figure on it generally 2:1 would be it.

    With asoredit generally try and keep any units spawned obviously as low as possible. 30-40 units is ideal at any one time and allows for all players to have a smooth fame. The server can handle upwards of 80-100 if it has to and sometimes when we operate spread out in large areas its kind of unavoidable. All players will experience frame drop at that point some significantly.

    The most noticable thing is when alot of units spawn off one zone. You need a balance if hiw many zo es you have but you want to try and stagger units spawning in large hits as much as possible. (ASOREdit has built in spawning delay but it still taxes the server and players to load content.)


    Hey Suits, I’d like to do another mission and I like the current map so I’ll hit you up Tuesday. My first mission was OK but I know I made some fundemental mistakes which didn’t really work on the night so I’d like to scale back and do a few simple ones to get back into things. Perhaps if you have a basic framework you can put up here to give some ideas that are easy to build that would help noiobs like me get back in.

    I mean like recon missions and patrol missions must be easy and would be good for wednesday nights as quick and simple ops. Any ideas what works for simple missions?


    I have an idea for Tuesday night sort of along this line that can both get people started and provide some ops for members.


    I’ll be on around 7pm (or earlier if I can) as I can’t let the fly boys down at 8pm as they need my killer instinct over the skies of southern England.


    yeah same probably about 7 to 8:30.


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    the earliest I can be online is around 8.30pm unfortunately. will pop in and say hello anyway. I will check out the vid and might do some research as well.


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    Was this recorded by any chance?


    not really recordable, mostly talking and asking questions


    I can give you a tutorial on TeamSpeak Dave.

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