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    hi guys
    After playing with AE for a while I realise there’s a big gap between what I want to do and what I’m capable of! lol. I’ll get there in time but I have to take it slow so that I understand what I’m doing first. In the meantime, I was wondering if there’s a spot for mission ideas that I (or anyone else for that matter) have that maybe you guys might find interesting (and potentially use). Then in time the noob mission builders like me can slowly aim to get these ideas implemented.

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    Looks like you just started a spot for mission ideas Pharoah, unless the fpowers that be decide to set up a more permanent spot in the forum.
    Personally I think it’s a great idea. Like you, I am able to complete the BASIC type of functions in ArmaEdit, but have absolutely no idea what to do when it comes to scripting. From what I have seen it is a totally foreign language that is written in English.
    I actually believe that people like Suits who are fluent in this are Aliens from another dimension who have been sent here to confuse the shit out of normal people. (By the way suits you are doing an amazing job of it, even though when it comes to computers I am very easily confused).
    So come on people, even if you have no interest in mission building, put your ideas for missions on here and it may start the creative juices flowing for those who know how to translate them into a workable product.


    We have a private Mission Builders forum. It’s only “private” to prevent too many spoilers. If you want want access, ask Suits or Lecks.


    The biggest limitation in mission making is the dumb-as-fuck Artificial Intelligence in the game.
    It’s why I sometimes choose to manage my missions via Zeus…


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    lol I’m in the same boat. Ok well just to start it off, here are some of the ideas I’ve had. I’m happy to provide more in depth briefings, etc but these are the mission outlines. Remember, these are just ideas and some (most) may be crap but just putting it out there. From what I gather, we (ASOR) are more a regular infantry outfit that does some SF missions rather than a SF outfit that does some inf mission. Recon (ie. Assassin) would be an extension of the inf outfit. “The role of infantry is to seek out and close with the enemy, to kill or capture him, to seize and hold ground and to repel attack by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain.”
    A. Standard Infantry Ops
    1. Patrol ops / Search & Destroy
    – one of the bread and butter duties of an infantry squad (and my ‘Vietnam War’ scenario!)
    – basically patrolling from grid square to grid square. This will involve looking for enemy caches, camps, command centres, etc.
    – involves 2-3 squads patrolling 1 grid square apart for mutual support (dep on situation). This was done a lot in Vietnam but by platoons.
    – covers a lot of ground on foot and can involve both vehicle/air insertion and extraction
    – Enemy AI – need to make a call on the standard enemy inf cell eg. 3 man or 4 man armed with AKs, 1 RPG. Enemy support up to squad size (similar to ASOR squad) incl RPKs or PKMs. Further squad support with technicals (on Tanoa especially).

    2. Raids
    – along the lines of what we’ve been doing. Snatch n grab type missions to kill/capture HVTs from identified compounds.
    – usually a defending force or cells patrolling immediate surroundings
    – need to introduce support from technicals (multiple vehicles)

    3. Ambush
    – similar to patrol
    – ambush can be of infantry (eg. nominated path, etc in the jungle) or vehicles when forewarned of vehicle convoy. From what I understand, vehicle convoys can be problematic in ARMA3. Well worth a try.
    – night inf patrols to grid points, setting up a proper ambush and waiting. Zone timing probably important here.

    4. Capture and hold
    – basically an attack on a prepared position
    – patrol to an enemy base, capture and hold
    – mission should include multiple counterattacks by enemy inf including rocket, mortar attacks.
    – exfil once position held and no further attacks.
    – can result in high casualties esp if coming up against well placed MGs, rockets, etc
    – ‘Hamburger Hill’ type scenario

    5. Capture the town
    – Similar to domination modes
    – town filled with enemy inf so need to clear house by house

    SF Ops
    1. Snatch and grabs
    – night time ops with NVGs, possibly insert via fast rope on to buildings (is it possible to put SVTs in upper floors?)
    – one squad to fast rope, one squad to insert via vehicles (similar to Blackhawk down movie) for exfil.
    – town to include multiple cells plus support from nearby on technicals

    2. Sabotage
    – missions we’ve done before
    – HALO insert to Zodiacs
    – scuba dive to shore, sabotage/destruction of enemy vehicles, caches, etc
    – exfil via Zodiacs
    – pickup by Chinook

    3. Escort
    – vehicle convoy
    – pickup HVT and drive to multiple locations
    – enemy ambushes along the way

    anyway, just some thoughts. The aim would be to produce atleast one of each and test.

    sorry Reaper, I only saw your posts after mine.

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    You don’t need to know how to script to build a mission. “Scripting” as a whole other language literally, and if it were a requirement, we’d have a very tough time getting people to learn mission making.

    You don’t even really need a large amount of scripting experience in the Vanilla A3 Editor without ASOREdit.
    We are lucky enough, to have the scripting put aside, because of ASOREdit, and the placing of modules is very, very easy. The hardest part is making a mission that makes “sense”.

    Other than that, all that needs to be done in files, is a couple of words changed in the description.ext of your mission.

    Great Idea! Get your mission ideas down on paper, or on here. Keep playing with the editor, and keep bothering mission makers with questions on what to do! It’s what I did!


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    if someone remakes this mission from mw2 and we play it for an OP i will love them forever

    na in all serious i would like to see some close quarter combat inside,you know how we spend most of our ops outside could be a nice change of pace to have some inside ops


    I remember that mission. Was a good one. It looks cool, but there isn’t really any places in Arma that would facilitate that size of an operation. Especially since that is basically all underground. There is a very cool facility on Kerama which we failed to use before we moved to Tanoa. This is the type of example we mean. Sometimes “cool mission ideas” aren’t always realistic, or applicable based on the limitations Arma 3 sometimes has.


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    All good ideas pharoh. Think ive actually tried to pull off all of those in previous campaigns lol. One of them currently even. Unfortunatly like reaper & overloard says between armas ai & arma just being arma, there a lot of give & take working within the limitations (dont get me started on friggin ai convoy ambushes!). Honestly asor edit doesnt take long to learn if someones talking u thru it. Give suits or me a night & youd have most of it figured out. All those senarios are doable to a certain extent.

    Im happy to hear suggestion if someone has a specific location/idea in mind. Im not feeling much inspiration for missions for this map the closer i look surprisingly. Luv it visually, but starting to see some design limitations in the way moving forward. I actually find it more condusive to less special forcey stuff, like long foot patrols or street clearing or road block checkpoint duty or logistical convoys or helping build houses for civilians lol. I dunno i mighta just finally flipped.


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    Basically everything you have listen Pharoah we have done before and more than likely will again, Its not so much as a single mission plan, We run everything in Campaign bundles, every mission has to link in from a previous mission and be able to be followed up by another mission.

    But yeah like I said everything you have listen has been done before and probably will again.


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    Morning all. What I listed above are just basic mission ideas. The next step is learning how to create them. I’m on most evenings so I’ll jump onto TS and will check for anyone with free time to walk me through.


    I can probably run you through some stuff on Friday evening…


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    ok sounds good. I’ll be on most nights so will jump on TS when I can.


    I’m literally always on in the Mission Editing channel, should anybody ever have questions as well. I think I live there.

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