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    For those of you who are unfamiliar with sound mods, Laxemann is a genius! His current suit of mods are being updated for Apex and a recent post has provided a solid update to his progress. I have pasted his post below. I highly recommend his stuff and when the update rolls through I’ll ask suits and lecks to confirm its fine for server use. Itwon’t replace the awesome SMA sounds of course so don’t worry there. Further to that end RHS will have the same treatment as Lax does these sounds as well 😈 So please have a read below and be informed on an exciting update that will enhance yourexperience 😇

    Okey, the “roadmap” for now:


    Both DynaSound 2.0 and Enhanced Soundscape will be released around christmas. I say “around” because I don’t know whether I’ll be home or not. 


    DynaSound 2.0

    • Will cover pretty much all vanilla weapons, including the DLC ones.

    • Helicopters are still covered as well

    • The Xi’an VTOL is covered

    • Some vehicle weapons, especially the launchers, might use the DynaSound 1 sounds on release but should be updated shortly after

    • An issue prevented me from redoing the explosions. Thanks to rebelvg, however, the issue has been fixed. The first release will mainly use DynaSound 1 explosion sounds, but I intend to fully update them to the new system (reverb tails etc) soon.

    • Definitely sounds _way_ better and dynamic than version 1 to me. After a creative crisis, I’m happy with the result after all. 


    Enhanced Soundscape

    • Will be released simultaneously. It’s features are listed in the respective thread. I’m proud to say, however, that I’ve never even dreamed about the quality the mod now has and that it will enhance your soundscape to a dynamic level you haven’t heard often before. 


    A big, big, big shoutout goes to Jokoho482 who not only taught me shittons of performance-related script stuff, but also rewrote large parts of the script-structure himself. Thanks to him, Enhanced Soundscape runs abolutely smooth, with almost no / no fps loss even in large firefights. He pretty much enabled me to make Enhanced Soundscape and many DynaSound features come to life and I therefore put him as the second author for both mods, so it’s DynaSound and Enhanced Soundscape by me and Joko from now on.


    Talking about other stuff: I’ve spent the last days carefully tweaking many RHS sounds, improved the reverb tail handling for all mods (RHS; DynaSound…) and put some work into WestWall, too. His name is tommy and I love him.

    Be sure to re-listen to your favourite RHS weapons once the next update hits the servers.




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    Sounds good Mauler! (see what I did there?).


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    Would this be something that ASOR would adopt? I hate mucking around with mods…close one door, open up three windows and a roof with issues.


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    No because sound mods are client side. You can have them, or not, it doesnt affect anyone else.


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    oh ok cool then, might give it a try (don’t want to go through the ‘if I find whoever has the mod thats causing errors’…) lol…I cause enough trouble as it is 😉


    No because sound mods are client side.

    Although they intend to be thats not always the case, sound mods have been the cause of issues in the past. Its just a matter of testing it to check its all good.

    I wasnt impressed with previous versions of laxemanns sound mod and found JSRS far superior so it will be interesting to see what he comes out with.


    Yeah, I’d usually at least notify an Admin of what mods you’re running. Not sure if you have to, but even if its client side, its good to have the asor pro’s reinforce your knowledge of it having ‘no problems’. Guess its just respectful imo (which obviously mauler has done).

    I have some knowledge, but admit its still limited enough to warrant a, “hey lecks, is this alright?” Question.


    There is no real knowledge to it, run the mod, check the server logs.

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