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    A big hello to you all..
    I’m not going to bore you with too much history or a long post, however…:)
    Ive been playing Arma from the early days of operation Flashpoint.
    I am the founder of FDGamers in australia of which we play rfactor and Arma3.
    OK…So what am I doing here you ask??
    I need help….
    I would like to join a group like yours to learn how to play Arma as a team.
    Currently my members have no direction and no plan when in game.( I hope to change this.)
    If I am accepted, my plan would be to join you all in game in the hope to become a better player of Arma3.
    Thank you for your time.
    Regards NukeOZ ( FDGNukeOZ)

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    Hello NukeOZ, we aint really in the game of training people up so they can head back to there clan. Your welcome to join if you are interested in becoming a member (and meet join criteria obviously), alternatively you can look at our info on our wiki which is publicly available or our videos on youtube.


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    No worries..
    I’d certainly be keen to become a member.
    As long as it isn’t a rule breaker being in another group as well.


    Our only regular nights are Wednesdays and Sundays. If that doesn’t conflict with your existing group then no issues.

    You’ll need to do induction, which is usually a Tuesday. A suits said, check the Join page and jump on our Discord channel for more information.

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