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    Keep forgetting to put this up somewhere for people to take a look at. It’s running a couple of scripts of my own making, but nothing more than a few lines long.

    Type: Adversarial
    Players: 40 (26 VS. 14) { 2:1 Ratio OPFOR:BLUFOR }

    Scenario: A US Blackhawk has been shot down by Daesh militia in contested territory. Daesh are moving quickly to secure the crash and take a transponder from the wreckage. US forces are preparing a search party to locate the downed crew, and destroy the wreckage before insurgents can get their hands on it.

    BLUFOR will be given a large area that they must search for the crash-site in, while OPFOR will be given a much smaller search radius (to reflect their better knowledge of the crash-site). BLUFOR has access to two helicopters and a bushmaster, whereas OPFOR has access to only technicals.

    All units (bar one BLUFOR sniper), have access to only 1x sights.


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    Very much like Ceaser Merlin eh?
    I like it.


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    Different balance and goals, but similar.

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