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    Hi, hope everyone’s doing real well old & new members alike. Sorry I dropped of face of the earth last yr, but just jumping in quickly to ask… plz don’t delete me just yet !!

    I’m doing my damndest to get a new pc in march, probably throwing bout 5 grand at the whole kit & kaboodle. Last pc was in 2009 so well overdue.. arma was becoming more like a desktop background than playable game. Had an nbn surge recently take out all my internet, network card & power supply & was down internet for 6 wks which got me extra motivated to upgrade. Just got the old crap box back runnin for now & will be hopefully switching what i need over to a new system this month.

    Also will be moving locations at work which will turn a 1.5 hr commute each way down to about 30-40. So hopefully all points towards more time for gaming again if all good to join back in. Altho usually when i get too optomistic i end up face planting so i dont want to jinx till im actually back online. And consistantly.

    Will jump on discord beforehand tho.

    Cheers 🙂

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    Hey Alby, look forward to seeing you back! hopefully it all works out.


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    Be good to see you back Alby. Hope it all gets sorted for you.


    You’ll have to fight suits for X-Ray. And, of course, you are most welcome at both ASOR 234 sqdn and Flight_Sims Discord. We are still plodding along with Cliffs of Dover on Tuesday evenings, (Blitz version update) and looks like most peeps have pre-ordered the FA/18 in DCS.
    Look forward to catching up.


    Nobody gets deleted buddy! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you back in the cockpit of XRAY 🙂


    Awesome Alby! Hope to see you back soon.


    Good to hear from you Alby, hopefully all falls into place!


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    Thànks guys still trying, think i jinxed myself a bit. Turns out worst god damn time to buy a system.. memory prices are though the roof, video cards have gone up a few hundred last few months which is bullshit. Apparently bit coins screwing thing up altho have no idea whats thats about :/ Any tips cheapest place in sydney to buy let me know.

    Also was told need to go into hospital which is wort timing Was meant to happen yesterday but ended up cancelling cos dont trust doctors lol. So few thing gotta sort out still but im bloody keen to get back online. Got good internet atm so hoping to do some recording too.


    i just used msy in sydney


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    gallantry sotf1 dwf russia leader donator operator

    Yeh cheers been checking them. Pretty much best figure i get for what i want is $4800. I shld just hold off on a video card but ugh.. i missed a yr gaming waiting for damn prices to drop damit!!


    the latest and greatest doesnt really ever drop it just gets old.


    Buy one-step down from the best and save heaps.
    eg. get a 1080 instead of a 1080Ti


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    gallantry sotf1 dwf russia leader donator operator

    So i finally laid the money down.. yeh i usually go one step under but migha went bit too crazy on few parts. Woulda been a lot smarter to hold out till end of yr cos most things are at end of cycle. But fuck it its been too long & i wanna play shit.

    Might take few week to get everythjng delivered but will be back soon.


    Good news Alby!


    Hey Alby, good to see you back on the forums. Good to see you didn’t wait mate, you’d be waiting for ever just jump. Keep healthy and good we need beer or two at Christmas. Cheers Gluggy

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