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    Hi, just a short note on something I worked out a while ago when I started playing with the editor that might help others is keeping the camo nets and anything else that flattens into the ground from doing so, changing them to simple objects makes them bahave a bit nicer, it takes the physics out I believe and might mean the camo netting will work like a heavy bunker but that’s about the only draw back Iv noticed. Hope this helps, not sure if this is known and not done for a reason or if I stumbled across something useful.

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    Yeah its know, we used to use disable simulation on all that stuff, if your referencing the MSV QRF collapsed stuff I am pretty sure the MSV has this in (or at least it was flagged to be added.), so not sure what happened there.

    Definitely dont use this though on enemy targets, like you said becomes a impenetrable shield.


    Yeah would’ve done this alot earlier, but we didn’t really have issues with stupid shit (explosions, vehicles flipping out) happening at the MSV QRF, hence our camo nets stayed up and looked nice.

    Only issues with Simple Objects, is they remove the ability to ACE Interact. Nearly all MSV objects will have the option to ACE Interact carry/move them, so Disabling Input and Collisions through EnableSimulation will be in next update (still ACE interact-able, but also damage proof).

    I believe EnableSim does the same as Simple object, just does not ‘class it as a map object’ which apparently SimpleObject does.

    Our in built function for DisablingSimulation is:


    Plan is for all MSV objects to have that hopefully.



    Simply uncheck enable damage instead.


    Simply uncheck enable damage instead.

    For mission makers yes, but you can’t ‘uncheck’ in the object with how the MSV works, if thats in response to my post.

    Disable Sim is also just better for freezing an object, especially if its decorative.



    Ahhh, K, I’ve only done the editor not scripting.


    reminds me of that one op with the camo nets over static AAA, needless to say 30 hellfires later… not a scratch

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