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    Hey guys. Made a decision last night that I would drop out of ARMA for a while. I’m not enjoying it currently due to lack of practice and poor situational awareness which takes time to build in game. The reason is mainly my lack of free time to join training and Sunday ops atm and its bugging me when I play. Hence the break. I hate letting my squad down and I can’t devote the time to make sure I can perform which is frustrating. Anyway, I’ll keep in touch and jump into less structured “other games” when I can so buckle down men and do me proud in this current campaign. Cheers Gluggy

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    Fair enough. If it’s not enjoyable, not much point in doing it. It’s always a challenge to balance RL and gaming. Anyway no doubt I will see you in the air or at the pub.


    happy to squeeze in a beer or two Harmer, you know I know how to do that πŸ™‚


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    No need to hold yourself to a high standard; I don’t! Charlie will be here when you get back πŸ˜‰

    See you on the runway in the meantime.


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    Yeah Gluggy it can get like that some times. We will miss you on the battlefield mate, see you when you return.


    cheers Guys


    You will be missed. However, in true ASOR fashion I have 30 mags, so I should hit you at some point.


    This makes me sad.


    Hey, its OK Reaps, as someone once said “I will return”, Just had a few structural changes at work and things are a bit of a mess atm, Been through a few of these and it takes time to settle down after the blood letting.


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    Not the Glugster! :O :O


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    Sorry to hear that Gluggy. Enjoy your break. Look forward to your return.


    Thanks Riggsie and Timmeh (et al). Its always the community you miss when you drop out of active service (LOL) but I am always amazed who you come across when jumping into other adventures. I’ll be back guys, you can count on it.

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