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    In the Description.ext file we have a setting:

    ASORGS_ConfigType = 3; // 0 = operations. 1 = opfor. 2 = range. 3 = unrestricted. 4 = adversarial.

    When I set this to 3, I would expect all weapons and equipment to be available, however that is not the case.
    Have I misunderstood what “unrestricted” means, is this a bug, or am I missing something else that needs to be configured?

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    This has actually changed and what you pasted won’t work. By default it will use the operations config. To set other options you can use:

    class ASORGS {
    Enabled = 1;
    ConfigName = Unrestricted;

    I think the only other option was Adversarial.

    You can also make a custom config for the mission in description.ext.. let me know if you want to do that.

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    I just want to set it so everyone can access all weapons, scopes and attachments – I’m building a small-scale OP and wanted to free things up a bit to give the troops a bit more flexibility.

    I’ll give the updated code a try. Thanks Lecks.

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