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    Anyone got some handy hints on applying custom images to signs or objects, in the same way we have the ASOR briefing signs etc?
    Do the images need to be .paa?
    Do they scale, wrap or truncate etc. when applied to objects?

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    I’ve applied images to sign in PVP before, and it’s pretty straight forward. You need to click on the object and put this in the init field

    this setObjectTexture [0, “YOURPICTURENAME.jpg”]

    (use .jpg)

    The picture just needs to be in the mission folder before you extract it. I don’t know if it wraps, and I’ve only tested it on flag objects, but the pictures seem to resize to suit the object you’re putting it on.


    Your better off using paa files but you can use others, I would use png before jpg. I think they will stretch the size of the sign you just need to have the right ratio for the size of the sign. If its any of the ones ASOR uses I can see you our images and you can use that to get the size at least.


    PAA files need to be square too.. so best way to make them is to create it in an aspect ratio the same as the sign (just have to do it by eye), then when you’re done resize it to be square 256×256, 512×512, 1024×1024 or 2048×2048.


    Thanks guys, I’ll give it a shot.

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