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    As I indicated late last year my time will become less and less over the months going into the end of that year and definitely into the new year, this year. Finding it harder and harder to manage asor ops and the asor modset, the list of fixes is off the scale it will basically never be done by spending a couple hours a night on it. The new campaign has not really turned out too well, was a big change to how we operated and I think some people are getting into it and enjoy it but for the majority it has not been too popular, our member turnout numbers show that. Understand it is a bit confusing that’s why I was working through multiple night intro nights to cover people missing ops here and there, anyway.

    Spending each night working on scripting, missions, storyline or just admin stuff for asor is my hobby and has got me through some tough times in my life actually the last few years. At the moment I feel like it’s all become a big chore lately, not really sure if I am just burnt out from the whole workload that came from the setup of the new campaign or that and the combination of the fact it hasn’t worked out too well or what.

    So I have decided to take a break for a bit, probably just a couple of weeks. I am sure the peeps that make missions will throw something out. Not like I won’t be contactable, might even show up for an op will see. Might see what happens outside my house on a Sunday night.

    Not trying to throw down a sympathy card here or expect people to explain or try and justify anything about the new campaign, just a heads up for everyone and mission makers.

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    We’ll be trying to compensate for your absence in all departments (Mission Making/Dev etc).

    Have a good break mate. Drink some piss.


    ASOR has set such a high standard of entertainment for us all, due to The Team and yourself.
    It’s hard to keep up that momentum and bring something new and fresh to the table every so often. I don’t know how you guys do it.
    I seem to detect a touch of frustration that the new campaign hasn’t gone as well as it should have. It seems the options would be to continue with it and see how it goes, modify it, or scrap it and start a new one (making even more work).
    Anyway, either way, have a good break mate. You deserve it.


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    Have a good chillout Suits; you’ve successfully handballed CMD so ASOR is all good in that department at least…


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    Yeah understand the frustration. A break sound like a good idea. Head for the Officers bar….


    Take it easy suit.


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    We all need a break. Mines mostly work/family induced but taking a break makes you realise why you played it in the first place and brings you back with renewed enthusiasm. So enjoy yours mate.

    Besides, there’s always DCS…you know you want it! 🙂


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    Have a well earned break there boss! Good to recharge the batteries at times. Especially when dealing with these ASOR types …! Pfft 😛

    Oh and yeah, there’s always SC! … you know you want it! 😀

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