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    So luckily up until now I’ve had two gaming PC’s to run arma on op nights because of some instability on my end with almost everything having a hissy fit then and there on the night naturally. Long story short after having to face the music think I have the issue solved and although it might already be common knowledge (and something I’ve been caught by before) I will continue to name and shame the culprit being realtek drivers. Seemed to always crash during noisier times (cooking off vehicles, QRF choppers, intense fire fights for example) and so after removing the drivers and using the generic windows 10 drivers, I loaded up zues, went ape on a heap of vehicles plus infantry with all the trimmings with the camera nice and close to put a strain on the 3d sound and I experienced no more problems…yet. This issue has been known to jam other games up having something to do with having to calculate all of the different sounds and more importantly directions.

    So yeah, realtek drivers (GIGABYTE boards usually sport these) do not seem to cope with 3d sounds well and could be an early port of call for anyone experiencing freezing or crashing. I could be wrong, I often am, but this is what I found.

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    It might just be the latest patch that conflicts with Win 10. Rolling back a version may fix it as I used Gigabyte on-board sound for years until recently (bought a dedicated sound card)


    Welcome to the club.

    Edit: Chang I’m honoured, never thought you’d actually use it.

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    So I take it, you don’t run a separate sound card? Highly recommend that.


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    I still had issues in last night’s op but it did seem a a bit better, just not good enough for what I would concider reliable for op nights.

    No neither machine has a dedicated sound card but I’m certainly going to get one now and see how that goes, I’m still sure it’s sounds not video or memory doing this. Thanks for the advice.


    Unfortunately it can be a lot of things but freezing is generally a hardware problem (if it was software Windows could generally recover or at least reboot/show an error).

    Have seen it from dieing HDDs, overheating video cards/cpus, bad PSUs and bad RAM. It can really happen from any bad hardware though.

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