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    This is a thread to discuss Black role SOPs and training, which commenced on Wednesday 11 Jan 2018.
    Please keep it constructive.

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    ftl black_dragon gallantry

    Hit me up for clarification on TTPs on cqb clearances and clarification on acronyms you may have missed


    I can curate a list:
    HDOP – helicopter drop off point
    VDOP – vehicle drop off point
    TTP – techniques, tactics and procedures


    What’s TTP?
    Is there a reason we don’t just use LZ/DZ like we always have in the past? Seems unnecessary to use totally different lingo for ‘black’ missions.


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    TTPs are Tactics, Techniques + Procedures


    My take was basically the training was great, and quite a bit of fun but too much information and no real time to practice. Would have loved to spend atleast an hour or so practicing the CQB SOPs and doing some practice buildings (slowly ramping up to large targets). Our lack of CQB training is our main issue as ASOR right now, we need that skill for general ops. The other ranges, whilst very cool probably could have waited until we had a base knowledge down.

    The last objective was a bit unfortunate, Xray on LR net and us being inexperienced with the body movement language meant there was just far too much talking to the point where you couldn’t speak to the person next to you. I don’t believe this is an issue at all with the content of the training, just our lack of practice at this stage. Running another Wednesday focused around just the CQB aspect, starting off small and building the skills to larger and live targets would be a fantastic way to build off some of the things we touched on last night and really what ASOR needs.


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    ^This pretty much encapsulates what I was talking about in the ASOR_SOP channel. Not enough time to practice and a lot of the information was shoved into our heads way to fast to be properly understood.

    Also,I understand that it may add a sense of realism or “cool factor” but for a majority of the information that was presented we already have designations for said information that are easier to understand.

    VDOP means Dismount, HDOP mean LZ. The problem with these new terms is that they add nothing to the already established way of communication. Its just feels like new for new’s sake and frankly the acronym syndrome of the military should be avoided.

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    ftl black_dragon gallantry

    Definitely taken onboard jewy, and i think further training sessions and pre op shakeouts will hone, perfect and adavance the cqb skills taught.
    Do you think a further training session on CQB and CQB alone would be a good course of action over the coming weeks.


    Hey Reaper, this site has a glossary of terms that may be a good place to add the new acronyms? Its located under the Wiki page at the bottom.


    Can do. Was just focused on a list arising from the Black role training to start with.

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