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    My old gaming machine finally bit the bullet so i’m off the air for a while. Been about 8 yrs its lasted so I can’t complain too much and an i5 at 2.6 just don’t cut it for Arma 3 (though it was stable for a looong time ). You guys and gal keep blowing em away and i will come back to blow myself up again in a month or two. Cheers Madaz

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    Best of luck with the impending upgrade.


    balls man, hope u can sort a new rig soon enough


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    well…got withdrawls didn’t I. Dragged out the wifes laptop. loaded up Arma and fuck me it ran :). just downloading Asorsync and hope to see if the little machine can actually do this ( 15 to 20 frames at low res ) lolz..see you all in there soon I hope.



    Welcome back!


    haha nice one


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    You can google ways you can squeeze as much juice out of that laptop as possible. An example would be turning the windows graphics options to the absolute minimum so it will look like win 98 but save on some processing power.

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