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    Hi suits, Lecks, all,

    I understand that ASOR uses a highly modified clan version of ASR AI?

    Just to put it out there Robalo has finally released version 1 of his long running AI modification, as of 05Dec16.
    I have put the latest change log below as well as the link. RHS & BWA3 configs too.

    Could any of these changes enable additional capabilities to the ASOR modified version we use?

    After 3 years I think it’s time for ASR AI3 v1.0.0 :]
    – [new] updated green recon units [sof groups for green army]
    – [new] remove reporting of “unknown contact”
    – [new] full auto bursts can be interrupted [requires 1.66+]
    – [new] custom camouflage coefficients added for uniform, vest and backpacks
    – [mod] per unit camouflage values set to a unique base value on which the dynamic camo coef will be applied
    – [mod] ammo config tweaked so shots are heard at longer distances
    – [mod] reworked handheld automatic weapons shooting – slightly shorter bursts but increased intensity
    – [mod] increase AI rate of fire for single shots
    – [mod] reduce chance of switching to handguns
    – [new] camouflage depends on actual items soldiers are wearing [uniform, vest and backpack]
    – [new] can set team to hold fire until I [or another when forced to] shoot with configurable keybind
    – [new] units inside vehicles can report contacts to near groups too
    – [new] vehicle gunners may keep manning their weapons even after their vehicle was immobilized
    – [rem] removed scripted shot detection for performance reasons in favor of config level detection
    – [rem] removed loners joining other groups
    – [rem] removed limping units dismissed from their group
    – [mod] spend less time stationary while shooting
    – [mod] removed AI teammate speed limiting [potential cause for them getting stuck in place]
    – [mod] vehicles with ammo cookoff not good for cover [ACE]
    – [mod] added a few more falling animations [credit: tpw]
    – [mod] suppression effect for AI when taking hits so they no longer shoot back so accurately
    – [mod] units caught in the open may throw smoke in panic
    – [mod] improve units following/regrouping on leader after moving to cover
    – [mod] prevent units from same side occupying same house position at a time
    – [mod] re-equip nvg earlier [no longer wait till completely dark]
    – [mod] medic check uses getUnitTrait
    – [mod] a great deal of code optimisation
    – [new] debug dynamic camouflage into RPT
    – [mod] default radioing range extended to 700m
    – [mod] allow up to 10 minute delays on radio reporting
    – [mod] tweaked default skills in userconfig; meant for regular difficulty [skill 0.7, precision 0.5]

    Note: FAQ entry #1 has been updated: this mod should be run everywhere for it to work 100% as designed.
    Also updated configs for RHS and BWA3 in first post.
    Enjoy !

    Yep another mod topic by Mauler πŸ˜›

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    haha, cheers Mauler. Could be worth throwing it in and replacing our setup see if there is any noticeable difference. I know the lack of units radioing or hearing contacts nearby has bugged a few mission makers in recent times.

    The only issue we had with ASRAI was during the desert warfare we couldnt get them to attack us which made making missions hell difficult with the open terrain. ASRAI sent them on map wide flanking moves we assume because the terrain did not have that great a cover.


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    Reckon its worth a run again on tanoa with extra cover. Buiding missions & watching ai react & move on us back on bornholm was brilliant. One shot & every one in1km would switch on & hit us from several directions.


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    The changelog looks good, particularly this one:
    – [mod] suppression effect for AI when taking hits so they no longer shoot back so accurately.

    Nothing worse that getting headshotted by a dude that you just shot in the chest.

    I’ve always been curious how much affect suppression has on the AI.
    I have’t seen the AI close enough, often enough, to see how they react to suppressing LMG bursts.

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