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    Hi all,
    A quick question; does 26GB sound about right for the download size?
    I’m sure this has been covered before, apologies for not being able to locate any further info.



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    shit its up to 26 now is it. used to be 20, sounds about right anyway. Thats download of the mods with asorsync not asorsync the program.


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    I see.
    Wow that’s a lot, was not expecting that!!
    I’ve had it running for the last 11 hours and am only through about 1/3 – yes that’s right; third world internet over here in Adelaide:
    I live in a very nice place where the average age is about 70, so not much pressure to upgrade facilities. Truly, NBN doesn’t know of us, has never heard of us, walked right by and didn’t see us. ADSL + old rotten copper + 4 internet users = a VERY slow downloads.

    I don’t think it will be finished by this evening and so unfortunately I may need to stand down from tonight’s open training.
    For now I will leave the download running and re-check this afternoon. Very sorry about this.



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    HOLD THE PHONE – I’ve just moved my PC to someone’s house with actual internet and the download is past half way; now looking good for tonight!

    1930hrs: is this Sydney time?



    If you ever need a couple of extra hamsters to power your internet connection, I would recommend you contact Riggs.


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    Riggs informed me that his hamsters are not fit for active duty as the blighters ate all of the Mars bars in this backpack.



    7:30 DST which is Sydney time, yes.
    7:30pm, VIC, TAS.
    7:00pm SA.
    6:30pm QLD.
    4:30pm WA.
    6:00pm NT.


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    Checked game back at my house – Loads after a few clicks on the launch button. During the download I had a TS error message; not sure of the implications of this.
    I’ll be on a little before 1930 in the hope of ironing out any last minute issues.
    See you then –


    Don’t run ARMA or TeamSpeak during the download, otherwise it may have a lock on a file that needs to be changed/moved/configured.

    If you can connect to the TeamSpeak channel, get on ASAP and ask for some help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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