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    Hey, This has to do with the asorsync launcher;
    I started up the launcher on tuesday to update everything and it has been running ever since then and has been stuck on 128MEG downloading something called \\@ASORACE\ADDONS\ACE_APL.PBO and has not moved or completed. Is this a problem, should i let it continue or exit the application, some advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would probably exit and go into the directory and delete that file, its probably corrupt. Then try syncing again.


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    No dice, That didn’t work, looks like im missing out on this sunday op πŸ™


    Have you fixed this issue?

    Surprised deleting the pbo didn’t work.

    Try resetting your file path to the Arma 3 directory.
    Also make sure ASORSYNC is being ignored by your anti-virus software.

    Perhaps attempt to leave it for awhile too. Maybe come back in 30 minutes and see if its moved.


    If your still having this problem I would suggest jumping on discord when your next on and hitting up the #help section then someone can go through it with you while your on rather than delayed posts.


    I would suggest jumping on discord

    Yeah since Lecks created it, he’d probably be the best person to see. He also lives on discord, so you’ll get instant responses.


    Can’t recall seeing a case where it gets stuck like that.. Usually it would skip past files it can’t do for whatever reason (or crash).

    Can you click open folder > log folder in asorsync, then open asorsync.log in notepad to see if there’s any clues in there.

    Also could you try downloading the file directly through your browser to see if that works?


    Have had another report of a very bad route to Cloudflare via Optus. (downloads were going at like 20k/sec). Not much that can be done about it other than using a VPN or something until Optus fixes it.

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