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    done – Update: Renamed Suspend Modules to Enable Zone Modules – When linked to zone they disable it, when enabled they enable the zone/s – can link units/items/objects to Enable Zone Module also just like a normal Zone Module. Can run custom code and activate with a custom condition.
    done – FIX: multi vehicle spawning positions
    done – FIX – vehicles not working with task modules
    done – Update: Main Module to 3DEN button options.
    done – FIX: Editor ability now works, add name to AE Main module or link playable slot to AE Main Module to enable Editor Self Interaction menu on unit. Link Zones to the AE Main Module to bring them up in the menu as option to enable. Also has unit count check display option that comes up for 20 secs.

    Still on my list:
    ADD: Move to task speed and awareness(edited)
    FIX: Units dont move to task module if its a hold position task
    FIX: Vehicle groups dont show radius
    FIX – unit stance per unit
    FIX – Air spawning units velocity

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    Only 24 hours too late for my mission. πŸ˜›

    Great work Suits.


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    Very nice


    Added a hotfix for the editor menu should work now.

    So there is two ways you can be an AE Editor,
    1) your profile name is listed in the ASOREdit Main Modules Editors field (can have multiple names in there separated by commas.
    2) you are playing in a playable slot that is synced to the ASOREdit Main Module.

    When you are an editor you will get a new menu in your ACE Self Interaction Menu called ‘AE Menu’.

    The AE Menu will display one option for showing the unit counts, display will popup for 20secs and fade out.
    It will also display any ZONES linked to the ASOREdit Main Module. Clicking on the zone in the menu resets the zone to be activated again so if the player is with in the zone it will spawn whatever is linked to it again.

    I have two zones and I have named them ZONE1 and ZONE2. I have linked ZONE2 to the ASOREdit Main Module and I have put my profile name in the Editors field. In game I will have a AE Menu with two options, Check Units and Enable ZONE2.

    If anyone thinks of any other options you think could be handy for this new menu let me know.

    KNOWN BUG: It does not work JIP, if you crash out during a game you will lose the menu, working on this. Its currently set to work JIP but it doesnt.



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