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    done – FIX: Para option broken, need to update variables from recent changes
    done – fixed para vehicle error
    done – FIX: debug message on vehicle linked to task module
    done – FIX – building occupy, all options broken
    done – FIX – random position generator doesnt get a random position
    done – FIX – static mg position broken(edited)
    done – (for group only at this time) FIX – stance option broken
    done – FIX – unit stance per unit – (group stance working)
    done – FIX – when more than one unit spawn position is wrong
    done – FIX – debug reporting no building found when one actually was
    done – FIX – vehicles not working with task modules
    added – torches for units (by group only)
    added various useful functions will document when i have time

    Still on my list:
    ADD: Move to task speed and awareness(edited)
    FIX: Suspend modules
    FIX: Units dont move to task module if its a hold position task
    FIX: Vehicle groups dont show radius
    FIX – unit stance per unit

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    you should probably go to bed one day man

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