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    There has been some discussion lately about the sound mods we use and their effect on FPS, so I decided to do some bechmarking to test them.

    {updated for new JSRS Version}

    TLDR: DYNASOUND or JSRS4APEX run by themselves have an insignificant effect on performance but introducing ENHANCED SOUNDSCAPE To either modset or the Vanilla sounds had a small but noticable decline in performance ( avr 1.7 fps )

    To test the effects of DYNASOUND (DYNA), JSRS4APEX (JSRS) and ENHANCED SOUNDSCAPE (ES) on the Performance of ARMA 3’s FPS while utilising the ASOR modset.

    Running the 2.5 minute YET ANOTHER ARMA BENCHMARK (YAAB) mission to run the various Mods 3 times Individually and in conjunction with ES and average the results.

    ARMA 3 v 1.82
    YAAB v 0.99
    DYNA v 2.1 (10-4-17)
    JSRS v 6.17 see note for 6.18
    ES v 1.22 (24-4-18)

    The YAAB Scenario available through the steam workshop does not claim to be a scientific test, It reccomends taking serveral passes and averaging the results as I have done as each pass the AI tends to behave slightly differently. I Also took a few notes along the way to add some Subjective perspective, Otherwise I try to remain Objective and treat each mod in the same manner.
    The YAAB Mission does not factor in the Weapons of SMA or RHS and ES can really only be tested In the Urban Environment with YAAB but its worth noting it Also creates reverberations of Mountainscapes and Forrest areas (Which YAAB is limited in) I’m sure that A benchmark in these areas would have at least slightly different results. The Main point of variation between the mods in this testing environment is from a broad soundscape perspective, Playing with custom weapons in First Person view will vary the experience yet again and im sure that some of these mods are alot more in depth then what is tested here but their level of detail and variety is not what is on trial here.

    YAAB is an AI heavy scenario and it claims that even beasty computers are brought to their knees at points during the test. I suggest you have a play with your graphics settings and see what you can learn from changing settings. Your experience will no doubt be different then mine and your specific components and settings will obviously render different results. Personal preference for the particular soundmods are probably the main influence on if they are appropriate for you or not. Those players seeking the best competitive advantage may for example elect that JSRS is most appropriate to them whereas a player who prefers the Immersion of Arma might opt for a Dynasound and ES combination. There are a number of sound comparrisons available on youtube if you are interested.

    Also I’m not a sound engineer.


    ASOR Modset [No additional sound mods loaded]

    PASS 1: 29.6 fps
    PASS 2: 28.7 fps
    PASS 3: 30.4 fps

    AVERAGE: 29.6 fps

    subjective notes: Compared to the other mods this just sounds flat. The distance of gunfire and explosions is difficult to pick and directionality of sound is average at best. Explosions sound Muffled and small arms fire sounds rattlly or tinny.

    ASOR Modset DYNA

    Pass 1: 29.9 fps
    pass 2: 29.2 fps
    pass 3: 28.3 fps

    AVERAGE: 29.1 fps

    subjective notes:Explosions have real Punch and impact, the constant rumble of rolling explosions really adds positivly to the overall soundscape. Directionality is good and gunfire sounds a bit meatier,
    The minigun on choppers is especially impressive. Overall very atmospheric sound and very boomy and immersive.

    ASOR Modset JSRS

    Pass 1: 29.4 fps
    pass 2: 29.7 fps
    pass 3: 29.3 fps

    AVERAGE: 29.5 fps

    subjective notes: Vehcile sounds ie chopper blades, tank engines are very pleasing. Directionality and distance picking is also good, Debris sounds with explosions are very immersive and the sounds of distant battles are great for the overall soundscape.

    {update for new JSRS Version 6.18 vs 6.17}
    The pleasing vehicle sounds have vanished (due to new imminent engine sounds to come from BI presumably) Explosions now sound richer. Performance change was negligible though a slight improvement in the fps when running with ES.

    ASOR Modset ES

    Pass 1: 28.6 fps
    pass 2: 27.1 fps
    pass 3: 27.2 fps

    AVERAGE: 27.6 fps

    subjective notes: I found the YAAB environment to not be the best test grounds for the sound quality that ES offers. I had trouble picking the subtlty of ES in this very noisy environment, youtube comparsions are alot better at showing off the qualities that ES has its best to reserve judgment for ES on other testers comparisons and view these results purely on their FPS diffence.

    ASOR Modset DYNA + ES

    Pass 1: 27.1 fps
    pass 2: 27.4 fps
    pass 3: 28.6 fps

    AVERAGE: 27.7 fps

    ASOR Modset JSRS + ES

    Pass 1: 28.2 fps
    pass 2: 27.4 fps
    pass 3: 27.6 fps

    Additional passes for v 6.18 of JSRS
    Pass 4: 28.0 fps
    Pass 5: 28.2 fps
    Pass 6: 29.8 fps (anomaly?)

    AVERAGE: 27.7 fps

    UPDATED AVERAGE: 28.7 fps


    JSRS and DYNASOUND Performed relatively equally in the Benchmarking and with a very minor penalty over Vanilla sound that is inconclusive at best the three averaged out around 29.4 fps. ES however regardless of the mod it was paired with suffered an average reduction of framerate of 1.7 fps. I suspect that the more complex the environment and the more bullets that are being fired the more pronounced this effect will be but more testing and a different benchmark will be required to form a solid conclusion on the extent of the fps reduction. As it stands ES comes at a 5.8% penalty to frame rate in the YAAB scenario which I suspect would increase should the environment have more hills/ forrests and more bullets flying.

    The added benefit of increased directionality and enhanced immersion with miniscule performance loss means I will continue to use the Dynasound or JSRS sound mods (as situation dictates) but even with the newly released ES (24-4-18) I will be disabling it in resource heavy situations like those we are faced with in Standard ASOR operations. Though In scenarios where Limited firing and AI is expected I wouldn’t hesitate in turining it on to for the Added Immersion it offers.

    Please feel free to give feedback or ask if you want me to test a specific combination, I intend to repeat the JSRS tests with the new version in the coming days.

    Daft Templar..

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    Nice work Daft, interesting stuff to know. I think the main fps issue has come over time and ES mentioned fixing some cache issue in their last patch notes but people still seem to be having the same issue. I used JSRS for the first time last night and found it lacking compared to Dyna/ES, the sound of the chopper, fire coming at me and definitely poorer explosions as the nearby arty didnt pack much punch at all compared to Dyna/ES. I think JSRS is aimed at infantry weapons and those sounds which I had limited exposure to being XRAY.


    Daft Templar
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    Yep that is my experience as well. I use JSRS playing King of the Hill or Vanilla arma missions as it doesn’t have any requirements.

    Dynasound 2 however is my go to if the server uses CBA.

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    I am not sure if it is different in multiplayer or not – I can handle a 3 FPS drop..

    Over time In missions it plummets down to ~ 8 FPS (Dyna\ES).but does not do this early in the mission.
    It makes me suspect there is a sound caching\memory leak issue or some sort of ‘number of sounds” lag inducement” (where the rendering of each sound is causing a lagging affect). There was a similar bug in the ‘bad old days’ where you needed to turn the number of ‘sounds’ down to 64 (from 128 sources) or it would crash ARMA out (this was with default). wonder if this is somehow triggering something similar


    A recent fix was meant to fix these issues that ES was causing, however it hasn’t worked. DO NOT USE ES, it causes frame drop over the course of the night and we have had multiple people confirm this. Right now I would recommend running Dynasound on its own or nothing at all. I am not sure if JSRS still has similar issues to ES, but last time I tested it did.


    Daft Templar
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    Mestoth’s post got me thinking about multiplayer use cases so I decided to continue testing.
    and now after few more tests conducted in real playing environments I can say that I agree with Jewfishy’s post above.

    Generally in ASOR operations my frame rate would clog up around the same time that the AI starts to come in greater numbers and then will stay in that lower range for the remainder of the night regardless of the amount AI presence. However as a point of difference I decided to play on Sunday evening this week without using ES and now I can clearly see that the presence of ES in a multiplayer environment does have a detrimental effect on your frame rate.

    At no point in time in this sunday’s op did i feel crippled by my FPS nor was my eye drawn to the fps counter because I would feel a slow down. Usually effecting my immersion and causing me to guess the presence of AI over the coming crest or line of trees.

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