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    Damn you Jayvan! I loved Switzerland when I was there!


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    12 people strong now. Should be a great few days. I’ll bring the beers!


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    Sorry Phil… I meant Lyon… I’m gonna go to Lyon


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    12 people strong now. Should be a great few days. I’ll bring the beers!

    Better bring a lot of them…12 people in close proximity in QLD summer in front of PCs running full bore (creating enormous heat) tends to make one thirsty. just saying…


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    Stop it Jay! now you’ve got Savatte jelly also


    Sorry Guys, I have to pull the plug on attending this years LAN. I had booked my leave and was looking forward to seeing the regular LAN goers and meeting some new ones but alas not this year. Work has gone stupid and I’ve been asked to pick up slack for others due to staff shortages which I can’t really say no to. I was driving up so I could bring my tower but without a few days either side of the Friday I can’t make it.

    Suits, I can’t seem to remove myself from the attendee list so can you do that for me. Again sorry I won’t be able to join the fun this year, I’m shattered post lost of pictures for me. Cheers Gluggy


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    RIGHT so now is the time to be thinking about BEER
    since I work for a craft beer delivery company i was thinking that i could get a keg(or two) for the Lan what would people prefer?

    im going at $300 a keg however i have seen certain beers go for under $250 so name a craft beer and ill try to organise it




    Game Suggestions [all FREE]:
    Alien Swarm –
    Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop –
    Black Squad –
    Team Fortress 2 –
    Cards Against Humanity –

    Not Free, but good for LANs:
    ARMA 3
    Company of Heroes
    Civilization (5 or 6)


    XXXX wtf lol

    cant even think of a craft beer to name hey. my vote would be for something dark but not sure how popular that would be might have to drink it all myself. Definitely something dark!

    Heros of Iron might not be too bad.
    HoldFast could be fun, not free.
    I would have to say PUBG might get a showing.


    I’ll be bringing a laptop with pretty shitty discrete graphics, so a mix of low end and high end games would be preferable.
    Does anyone who’s coming have a spare gaming laptop or PC I could borrow for the weekend? If not I’ll just use a shitty one for low spec games.

    Some other game suggestions:

    DEFCON (Nuclear warfare RTS), usually pretty cheap or can 1v1 in the free demo, small download size
    Killing Floor
    Risk of Rain (side scrolling co-op wave based game)
    Civ 5 if you have it
    Company of Heroes
    Worms Revolution

    I also have LAN only (totally legit…) versions of World at War for nazi zombies, and Cod4

    See you all there.


    Risk of Rain…ah what a fantastic game.


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    Hearts of Iron might be a good choice if enough people have it, and it’s system requirements are fairly low iirc.
    Worms Revolution is currently $2.49 on G2A (Though I’m aware some people don’t feel comfortable with that site).

    Starcraft is free now through the launcher, it’s not the remastered version but it has had a compatibility update.


    Not sure who RedBeard has access to, but for a Brisbane local, Green Beacon brewery is really good.

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