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    I’m having trouble (in testing in the editor) getting the following to work:
    [[ZONE1]] spawn armaedit_fnc_enableZones;

    It seems to do nothing when I Local Exec (I am in the editor, not on the server). I have triple-checked everything is correctly configured, named, connected etc. It’s never been a problem before.

    Has something changed?

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    Nothing has changed should work.
    Are you inside ZONE1 to activate it after its enabled?

    Remember that command only sets the zone to “Not yet activated” it doesnt instantly activate the zone spawning your setup it just allows it to be activated.

    Send me your op if thats not the case so I can have a look.


    Pretty sure it’s all correct. Will double check before emailing to you.
    Thanks for the prompt response. I need this working for Sunday.

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