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    ASOREdit has a function to perform artillery attacks. It makes the actual guns fire themselves so the fire can be stopped by taking the artillery out. I may make this into a module down the track but for now this is how to use it.

    GUNS – This is a list of the guns you want to do the firing, they need to be named accordingly. (Example: [mortar1,mortar2])
    TARGET AREA – This is indicated by a Trigger that has its radius set to indicate the area of strike, rounds will land in a random position in this area, you need to name your trigger and use the name here. (Example: TGT1)

    The below options are optional, if you do not use them they will use there defaults listed.
    VOLLEYS – How many times the artillery will fire a barrage, if set to zero it will continue to fire until it dies. If you set a volley amount it will stop after that amount and be ready to accept other targets. DEFAULT: 0
    ROUNDS – How many rounds will be fire in each barrage. For MLRS artillery set this to 10. DEFAULT: 1
    RELOAD TIME – How long the gun will take to reload before it fires the next barrage. Can not be set lower than 30. DEFAULT: 30secs
    OFFSET TIME – When using multiple guns this time will seperate the time between each gun firing. Default: Random Time between 0 and 10secs

    To execute the full function use (default settings shown):
    [[mortar1,mortar2],TGT1,0,1,30,0] spawn asoredit_fnc_fireArtillery;

    The minimal settings you need to send if using defaults:
    [[mortar1,mortar2],TGT1] spawn asoredit_fnc_fireArtillery;

    If your only using one gun.
    [[mortar1],TGT1] spawn asoredit_fnc_fireArtillery;

    This can be placed in a ZONE Custom Code field to start the firing or any trigger if need be. The only requirement is that the gun exists before it is called so you cannot call the firing code on the same zone that spawns the gun as it will not have spawned when this code is executed. Recommend you place an outer zone that spawns the gun/s and another inside the radius of that zone to call the firing that way the player can never call the firing without calling the spawning first.

    An Example Mission is downloadable below link.
    AE Artillery Examples Mission
    Just extract it to your MISSIONS folder under documents.

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    This is cool.

    Just out of interest, do we (ie. ASOR teams) employ our own artillery eg. a 2 man mortar team attached to CMD or even long range guns based somewhere?


    we have in the past but there wasnt much interest. it can be pretty boring when u use use the artillery computer. we switched to manual calculations and did training on that in the past as well which was fun.

    we have the callsign there ready to go (THUMPER) its just a matter of someone willing to do it and organising it with a mission maker to fit it into an op. I really dont mind if its manual or computer tbh would be cool to have some mortar or other fire support particularly in the jungle.


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    oh man, I can imagine the impact on fatigue of humping the tube and/or base plate! lol. I’m sure you’ll get volunteers should they be put in.


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    I would be keen for that, but only for the manual sights/calcs. The arty computer is real boring. I know the theory, but don’t know how to disable the computer in-game and revert to iron/ glass sights.


    enableEngineArtillery false;


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    +1 for artillery crew I would be keen to get into this.

    I did play with this a little on the server a while ago but ran into issues which were mostly sorted out but the doco I went over did not reflect what was seen in game if recall correctly.

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