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    Hello All,

    This is the new thread for Achievements and Nominations. As per the old thread, you can find descriptions for achievements here, as well as who has earned new achievements and for what reason.

    Please, feel free to nominate who you wish in this thread, but I’d prefer Recommendations for Achievements be via PM to me (Forums or Discord), with reason and grounds as to why you think this person deserves an achievement.
    This is mainly due to the hope that circle jerking doesn’t arise, as well as people “concurring” with others Nominations, even though they might not have witnessed the event themselves (or grounds for which the nomination is based).

    Grounds & Reviewing
    I believe none of us wish to see Achievements handed out for an inadequate reason, and as such, one nomination won’t necessarily mean the person will receive an achievement (nor might 5).
    Continual effort is required for certain achievements, where others may entail rare circumstances. Achievements are special, and most of them require exceptional work from the person being nominated. In any case, we hope not to see people scrambling for badges.

    Thread Cleanliness
    It would be greatly appreciated if the thread was kept on topic (without Silly memes, gifs).

    Awardable Badges
    Universal Soldier –
    Disposal Expert –
    Fire Team Leader –
    Squad Leader –
    Supporter –
    Combat Medic –
    Leathality –
    Gallantry –
    Survivor –
    Naval Dominance –
    Armour Dominance –
    Air Dominance –


    Criteria for Achievement Evaluation (Criteria to Earn the right to have badge nomination ‘assessed’, not badge given).

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    I’d like to nominate Oxan for a survivor badge due to his being able to survive both Charlie squad wipes in the 2017/08/30 op, as well as the rest of the op. First near wipe, Oxan survived a lethal .50 cal burst from an enemy technical which caused 8 friendly casualties, and he pushed ahead to confirm the deaths and hold the perimeter. Second near wipe, Oxan was able to retreat from two enemy squads surrounding a bunker he assisted in taking after friendly Thumper was unable to render assistance.
    Oxan was consistent in taking great risks throughout the op to meet the objectives, including checking friendly casualties in high risk areas to ensure no man was left behind.


    Nomination Noted, thankyou.

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