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    apologies for being missing recently. Unfortunately I will be absent for a few weeks more. I am currently laid up in hospital for a while after a heart attack on Wednesday evening. The doctors awe telling me I may need a triple bypass, but have had no confirmation yet, still waiting for the cardiologist to come and discuss the results of my tests. so as I say, I will be missing for few more weeks yet but look forward to getting back into it. Give em hell lads


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    Hey Riggsy, get well soon mate. You know you have all the ASOR crew rooting for you.


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    All the best for the recovery riggs. Glad you have your daughter there helping out. Hope your feeling strength coming back each day..


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    Good stuff mate, fight the good fight.

    When you’re all better I’ll have to make a trip up to Yanchep and check out your club. See what target rifle is all about.

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