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    Hey guys
    We are so glad to finally be able to announce V2.7 of SMA.
    Its been a big update for us and many hrs have gone into the last few months.
    The release will be up on repo as soon as Suits give the Ok and i dare say will be Monday night.
    If you can not wait for repo go ahead and get it from the website.

    Here is the changelog but for more info on things pls head over to the smaproject.com website.
    – Complete remodel and replacement of HK416
    – Complete remodel and replacement of HK417
    – Added Magpul Rail guards for new HK 416s
    – Complete overhaul of every Weapons audio now very high quality rework
    – Complete overhaul of every Weapons suppressor audio
    – Added Aimpoint Micro T-2 optics
    – Added Elcan SpecterDR with full function of 3d scope 1x 4x and iron sight or RDS
    – Elcan specterDR has MRT functionality to toggle between reticle brightness for different light conditions in game (like real life version)
    – Added new ROTEX 3 suppressors
    – Added ACR Grenade Launcher variants both 6.8 and 556
    – Added Anpeq Top mounts and Lazer light combos for ACR
    – Changed ACR Remington mags to steel (used to be plastic)
    – Added New MK18 Variants in OD painted
    – Reworked textures on MK18s
    – Fixed Mk 18 bolt animations
    – Renamed some original suppressors
    – Fixes to SCAR Ui pictures errors
    – Fixes to some shadow lods on MK18
    – Fixed excessive Glare reflection on Red dot side mount on Vortex 3 optics
    – Fixed Glare reflection on Eotech optics (still there but not as prominent)
    – Fixed Muzzle proxys on ACR to line up cleaner
    – Optimizations for Models across the board for performance
    – Updated all Ui pictures and icons
    – Adjusted Lazer light and Top mount positions for HK416
    – Updated Ballistics codes for 7.62×51 7.62×39 5.56×45 6.8 and 300 blackout
    – Removed Mk319 7.62×51
    – Added Mk316 7.62×51

    – The Showcase mission has been removed from the mod as it was broken and will be redone for V3. You can still see all the gear at smaproject.com

    I really hope i will get to enjoy this new content with you all during our upcoming operations i really believe this is one of the highest quality releases we have done and im really looking forward to the added imersion in game..

    Thanks ASOR for all your support over the years.


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    Seemed pretty good to me:

    The bullet seems to stray randomly roughly 1 foot at this range.. I guess because it’s beyond the effective range of the bullet.


    Shes only a hair above the speed of sound at that range, wouldn’t be surprised if it started tumbling


    I sorta assumed your accuracy would decrease at long range regardless of whether the scope is dead on, in the virtual arsenal for example you see the bullets stray off-course over long distances. Either way the enemies rarely stand still at exactly 100, 200, 300m etc so in my experience it’s about getting the scope ‘close enough’ and just adjusting my aim (unless you absolutely have to hit in 1 shot I guess)

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    Your call is important. Please direct support requests to http://smaproject.com


    hi guys
    I was at the range tonight and decided to do some marksmanship 101 so I loaded up the HK416A5 GL, 5.56mm SOST tracer rounds, SU230/PV Olive and a range finder. I did the following:
    1. used the range finder to confirm the pop up target distances from my shooting position (correctly 100m away and in increments of 100m)
    2. I started firing placed shots at the middle of the helmet of each pop up target using the aiming reticle on the SU230 (200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 600m)
    3. I noticed that ALL of my shots were off by a few degrees which was exacerbated with each target further away ie. my shots were hitting lower than the aiming point (and I’ve already confirmed distance so the round maybe?). At 600m, my rounds were hitting the ground about 5m before it.
    Unless there is some sort of additional zeroing required or I’m not taking into account other stuff like temp, wind, etc (hey its ARMA), my rounds should land bang on target. Either that or the SU230 is off. Can anyone confirm?

    The 230 i my go-to scope. if its off, I’m ditching it.

    @ Pharoah This is all well and good ….. But

    The HK416A5 is not an SMA weapon ? probably RHS?
    Also the SU230/PV is Not an SMA optic ? probably RHS..
    Not sure why you prefer to use these mods over our work but its no surprise that it is incorrect..
    Perhaps go to the RHS forums or website and ask them about the issue..

    This is the SMA forum thread for ASOR.
    You will find if you use our Elcan SpecterDR that it is remarkably accurate with 556 all the way out to 800m! also even though the optic is the Dvof14C-1 made for 556×45 rounds the 7.62×51 is reasonable using this optic also all the way out to near 900m depending on loaded ammunition and ballistics of course.


    The RHS stuff is sometimes confusing with the SMA stuff as pictures look almost the same in the GS (and alot of us non-gun nerds, don’t know the difference between names of weapons). I’m sure this is probably the reason for Pharoah being confused.



    On the server there’s no mod identification visible under ASOR gear selector – easy mistake to make.



    Not sure why you prefer to use these mods over our work but its no surprise that it is incorrect..
    Perhaps go to the RHS forums or website and ask them about the issue..

    hey mate, I don’t know which rifles belong to what ie. SMA, RHS, BI or whatever. If its in the list, I use it. All I was asking for was someone to check whether what I’ve done is correct or not. TBH, it doesn’t really matter now anyway as it forced me to use a diff scope (which I’m quite happy I did…I’ve been seeing the shortcomings of the SU230 anyway – its good for longer distances but crap for up close. We seem to have lots of engagements in short/medium/long ranges anyway so I’m going with something else.

    If the HKs are the SMAs though….they’re looking pretty good.


    I have noticed the bullets have quite a lot of inconsistency in their groupings.

    For example using the 7.62×51 319 EPR rounds, they are pretty consistent at short range <200m, but I am seeing quite significant dispersion in the grouping at 600m+. I am lying down, rested, with bipod deployed, holding shift (breath), aiming at centre of mass and firing when the crosshair settles between breaths, but my rounds are still all over the target and some miss completely. It seems quite random.

    In previous attempts at this I could consistently get groups of 20 rounds under 200mm at 800m. It’s really frustrating.

    What’s changed? Is it BIS, SMA or something else (e.g. ACE3 Ballistics)


    If you throw down an SMA weapons box in the editor it avoids any other mods getting mixed in if not familiar with the gear.


    To be honest, I don’t think it’s a problem that stops me from enjoying ops, but I will concur with reaper that I have noticed a difference. When I run with my usual trustworthy MK18 and ARCO sight, I find hitting a target at 400m an easy task (with minimal spread).
    However, last night, I was struggling to hit a stationary AI at 300 metres with the same equipment. Adjusting (based on bullet impact against a brick wall) seemed to be unpredictable each consecutive time, in relation to the previous shot (like bullet spread was random each time).

    Not sure this has anything to do with SMA and its of no massive concern. All things considered, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as simple IRL, but just an observation.


    I’ve seen a few people using the RHS guns, shouldn’t be using them. If you end up needing ammo you’re screwed.


    @pharoah: The SU230 is the RHS one too.. the new SMA ones are called ELCAN SpecterDR DFOV14.

    edit: Probably shouldve refreshed before I wrote that.

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    Can we blacklist the RHS weapons for Ops nights? I see no need for them given the range of choices in SMA and the incompatibility issues we will have with ammunition… with the possible exception of the M249 variant for a 5.56mm LMG (until the 5.56mm Minimi is released by SMA).
    It’s not urgent, but it would simplify things.

    And on the bullet variability, it’s not much of an issue unless I am in ASSASSIN, and we need to make a shot to eliminate an MG position etc. to support a squad. If we can’t reliably get rounds on target despite doing everything in our power to get the shot lined up, it’s going to take lots of shots (and some luck) to take out distant targets.

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    been attempting to remove other weapons when i find them. rarely get told that they are there though and I just load my loadout on ops cause got no time to sit there for 5 mins shopping so dont notice the other stuff.

    think you will find the range has all weapons available not just ops stuff. easily changed.

    Reaper I guess you will be glad to note then there is no 7.62×51 319 EPR rounds anymore. 😉


    ..I don’t remember seeing any RHS stuff in the GS during Ops? Ah, maybe the odd M4?

    The Marksmanship range has no Blacklist (for anybody else in the future who is confused).


    Happy to have all weapons available on the Range – that is as it should be.

    Don’t personally mind if the RHS guns are available on Ops nights, but that’s because I have my SMA favourites and I never bother with the RHS weapons.
    For other people, they could easily discover the Ammo Resupply contains none of the ammo they require if they accidentally equip an RHS weapons. My suggestion to remove them is just to avoid that kind of issue arising.

    I can give you an up-to-date list of all the RHS weapon ClassNames if you want it for the Blacklist… or you can send me the current Blacklist and I will update it for you.


    I’m fairly sure all the RHS mk18s are in.



    @pharoah: The SU230 is the RHS one too.. the new SMA ones are called ELCAN SpecterDR DFOV14.

    edit: Probably shouldve refreshed before I wrote that.

    ah ok. I have to be honest – I’m a noob when it comes to who built what weapons. I just use whats available. One thing thats bugged me is which scope to use so I’ve been concentrating on the 230 but now I’ve decided to use something else. TBH, most of the time our engagements are between 50m-200m and my understanding is the effective range of most if not all of the rifles is 300m by default (is that correct?). Either way, I tend to use tracer rounds and correct after my first 1-2 shots.


    @pharoah Yeah, no worries. Tonight I added a feature to the gear selector that should help:

    It’s on the repo now.

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