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    Hey guys
    We are so glad to finally be able to announce V2.7 of SMA.
    Its been a big update for us and many hrs have gone into the last few months.
    The release will be up on repo as soon as Suits give the Ok and i dare say will be Monday night.
    If you can not wait for repo go ahead and get it from the website.

    Here is the changelog but for more info on things pls head over to the smaproject.com website.
    – Complete remodel and replacement of HK416
    – Complete remodel and replacement of HK417
    – Added Magpul Rail guards for new HK 416s
    – Complete overhaul of every Weapons audio now very high quality rework
    – Complete overhaul of every Weapons suppressor audio
    – Added Aimpoint Micro T-2 optics
    – Added Elcan SpecterDR with full function of 3d scope 1x 4x and iron sight or RDS
    – Elcan specterDR has MRT functionality to toggle between reticle brightness for different light conditions in game (like real life version)
    – Added new ROTEX 3 suppressors
    – Added ACR Grenade Launcher variants both 6.8 and 556
    – Added Anpeq Top mounts and Lazer light combos for ACR
    – Changed ACR Remington mags to steel (used to be plastic)
    – Added New MK18 Variants in OD painted
    – Reworked textures on MK18s
    – Fixed Mk 18 bolt animations
    – Renamed some original suppressors
    – Fixes to SCAR Ui pictures errors
    – Fixes to some shadow lods on MK18
    – Fixed excessive Glare reflection on Red dot side mount on Vortex 3 optics
    – Fixed Glare reflection on Eotech optics (still there but not as prominent)
    – Fixed Muzzle proxys on ACR to line up cleaner
    – Optimizations for Models across the board for performance
    – Updated all Ui pictures and icons
    – Adjusted Lazer light and Top mount positions for HK416
    – Updated Ballistics codes for 7.62×51 7.62×39 5.56×45 6.8 and 300 blackout
    – Removed Mk319 7.62×51
    – Added Mk316 7.62×51

    – The Showcase mission has been removed from the mod as it was broken and will be redone for V3. You can still see all the gear at smaproject.com

    I really hope i will get to enjoy this new content with you all during our upcoming operations i really believe this is one of the highest quality releases we have done and im really looking forward to the added imersion in game..

    Thanks ASOR for all your support over the years.


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    Fantastic work chambers, and the SMA team. Looking forward to trying this stuff out!


    Looking forward to HK416 and Elcan combo, cheers!


    Great stuff Chambers.
    Have you got any of them guns what John Wayne uses? Kills ten baddies with one bullet?



    pfftt…John Wayne. He’s a pussy. You want bad ass? Bring on Blaine Cooper (Jesse Ventura from the original Predator) and his hand-held gatling complete with 1000 round backpack. >:)

    (ok I know its fake and only the first round would get within 50m of the intended target but whatever!!)


    This is on the repo now.


    This is on the repo now too.

    Great job Chambers.

    EDIT: damn too slow.

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    yessss beat him!


    Christmas has come bloody early this year mate, awesome stuff looking forward to checking the new toys out



    just FYI – got an error msg on loading of ‘ASOR Alrayak requires SMA rubbing’ or something like that. Kept going though. Also got another for a 150Rnd magazine (gotta be the F89) – says no entry/cfg.bin or something like that.

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    I love everything and the new sights and silencers they are absolutely top notch! But please for the love of god bring the Pmag back for the Remington the steal mag burns my retinas! Better yet have variants with P-mag and steal mag for the Remington as the other weapon systems do. Also the OD variant on the M4 is so dark I can’t tell the difference between it and the black variant.. Other than that everything is absolutely superb, Real hard work,skill, and mastery of your craft is on full display here, absolutely stunning ! also looking forward to the Jack carbine I’m planning on actually purchasing that weapon as my first firearm!



    hi guys
    I was at the range tonight and decided to do some marksmanship 101 so I loaded up the HK416A5 GL, 5.56mm SOST tracer rounds, SU230/PV Olive and a range finder. I did the following:
    1. used the range finder to confirm the pop up target distances from my shooting position (correctly 100m away and in increments of 100m)
    2. I started firing placed shots at the middle of the helmet of each pop up target using the aiming reticle on the SU230 (200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 600m)
    3. I noticed that ALL of my shots were off by a few degrees which was exacerbated with each target further away ie. my shots were hitting lower than the aiming point (and I’ve already confirmed distance so the round maybe?). At 600m, my rounds were hitting the ground about 5m before it.
    Unless there is some sort of additional zeroing required or I’m not taking into account other stuff like temp, wind, etc (hey its ARMA), my rounds should land bang on target. Either that or the SU230 is off. Can anyone confirm?

    The 230 i my go-to scope. if its off, I’m ditching it.


    The numbers in the scope might indicate yards. If you shoot in real life, you get used to it because most scopes are made in the US and use their system.

    600 yards ~ 550m. So if you’re using the ‘600’ on the scope for 600m, it will actually fall short. To confirm this, try the ‘600’ mark at 550m. Should hit dead on.

    I’ve given up converting in my head and just judge distances in yards in my head haha



    lol yeah I get what you mean…and it does seem to fit ie. my shots were falling short. Either way its prompted me to try other scopes again and I’ve decided to use something else for a while.

    ps. the rifles sound excellent.

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    Maybe you’re just a terrible shot?



    ha ha…heyyy….this was ‘properly’ done mate…prone, no wind to speak of (that I could see anyway), properly measured the distance to the target with a range finder, single shots, lined up at exact spot every time before firing, etc etc. Its a wonder we don’t have any sort of shooting comp 😉



    Getting this error after update.
    addon ‘asor_alrayak’ requires addon ‘cba_linux’

    PS can’t test it as the server isn’t up atm

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    Thinks for the report ozlizard. It’s fixed now (update with asorsync).


    @pharoah: did you set the zeroing to 100m?



    yep. If i can I’ll try it again tonight. Hopefully if there’s others on (like last night) we might be able to do another of those mini-ops! 🙂 (shame it was midnight).

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