@ASORACE – ACE v3.9.0


  • ASOREdit
    • Added Position Module
    • Added Template Module
      • Duplicate units linking to Position Modules
    • Added AirStrike Module
    • Added Artillery Module
    • Added Non-Combatant Module
    • Added ability to spawn vehicles flying
    • Fixed squads assigned as cargo detected as cargo
    • Fixed AE Menu working in vehicles
  • ASOR Tracker – Callsign menu now works in vehicles
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FRAGO 1 SQN Recall to Townsville for retasking


SERIAL: 240916K S


DOI: 11 AUG 2016

SUBJ: 1 SQN Recall to Townsville for retasking

Effective immediately, ASOR 1SQN will rotate from MEAO to A-Based training location for jungle warfare indoctrination and Rapid Reaction Force role.

Forward reconnaissance elements will embark onboard the HMAS Canberra as part of TF POSEIDON elements en route to Horizon Islands.

Liaison elements from US Navy Special Warfare Command will embed with 1 SQN elements to begin familiarisation training. 

1 SQN maritime elements will conduct joint training with SEAL Team 5 and MARSOC Raiders onbaord the USS OHIO. 

1 SQN Signals elements to conduct tactical training with TF CRIPTID.



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DOI: 28 APRIL 2016

SUBJ: Commencement of Campaign Black Dragon

ASOR 1SQ and all support elements are tasked with immediate deployment to Al’Rayak to commence Campaign Black Dragon in support of the Al’Rayak Government and the Free Al’Rayak Army.

The Rebel Al’Rayak Army, has successfully taken control of most key government and strategic military installations.  Forcing government officials and loyal military forces into hiding. Intelligence reports strongly suggest the rebel army is supported by a small contingent of Chinese special forces and their supply lines are bolstered with aid from Beijing.  The rebels are well equipped, well supplied and vastly outnumber the loyalist forces in the region.  1SQ’s deployment is in direct response to a request for support from the legitimate Al’Rayak government.

The government is currently protected by the Free Al’Rayak Army – a militia force that remains loyal.  The FAA is poorly equipped, with minimal supplies and minimal access to up to date intelligence. 1SQ’s primary role in the region will be to support the FAA to prevent the rebel forces from taking control and eventually reestablishing the legitimate government.

The current threat picture in Al’Rayak is summarised below:

Operation Black Dragon will commence with the multi-phase Operation Purloin. The primary objective of Op Purloin is to ensure continuity of Al’Rayak’s independent Government by securing key Government and  military loyalists. Secondary objectives will be to support the FAA in regaining control of key strategic assets to ensure the continuation of ground offensives.  Due to the volatile political nature of this deployment all care is to be taken to ensure the survival of the Al’Rayak Government.  

ASOR SOTF will be deployed in support of 1SQ and are tasked to remain prepared for missions behind enemy lines. 

Following Operation Purloin, it is expected that 1SQ will be assigned to Operation Perpetual with the primary aim of supporting the FAA in securing key assets and strategic military areas.


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