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46 Civilians Found Dead at Tragedy in Lenzburg
By Ivan Vasiliev
46 civilians have been confirmed dead after a lengthy firefight erupted just outside Lenzburg in Napf last Sunday.
It is believed Russian special forces known as ‘Spetsnaz/Спецназ’ mounted an assault on various locations around the Capital in what seems to be a large-scale operation to cripple Lenzburg.

Additional Protocol I
Unfortunately, the firefight spilled over to the local populace causing the death of 46 locals.
Of the 46 killed, 12 were at the Lenzburg Power Station, 13 were in a small town just south east of Lenzburg, and 21 at the port of Hafen.
One of the survivors, Oleg Yahor, recounted the attack.
‘I was up late chopping wood and heard a few loud thuds, It sounded like rolling thunder, so I looked up to check if the rains were coming in. It got more frequent over time and then just suddenly stopped’
‘That bit of peace lasted at most twenty minutes and then it started back up again, only this time it was louder. I headed down to the port to see if anyone else knew what was going on, and after about ten minutes I saw a soldier running towards me screaming we all needed to leave. The next moment an explosion hit right near him and tore him to shreds’
‘My friend Pavel comes running around the corner and grabs me by the arm and we both started running towards the water to swim away. We watched the whole port explode as artillery came down on it. I honestly think if it wasn’t for Pavel, I wouldn’t be here today’
Bekovetus Daily spoke to Yury Chmara, a professor in international humanitarian law at the University of Beketov.
‘There are a few core principles to the law of armed conflict. Some were grossly breached by the Russian Government on Sunday. The law quite clearly prohibitions the distinct targeting of civilians. This is found in Article 48 of Additional Protocol I’
Art 48
In addition, the principle of discrimination was breached by the Russian special forces’ use of mortar shelling and indiscriminate machine gun fire in towns surrounding Lenzburg with civilian presence, again, found in Article 51′
Art 51
‘Lastly, the principle of proportionality, among a lot of others, was breached when the Russian soldiers swept through and captured the port of Hafen without concern as to whether the complex as a whole was being used by civilians, also found in Additional Protocol I under Article 52’
Art 52
‘I would imagine the Bekovetus government will start preparing a case to be launched at the International Criminal Court to hold all those involved responsible’.
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