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| 29th of October, 2017 |

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Today’s Top Story:
Russia’s Snowden Leaves Blood Trail on BKT Soil.


By Ivan Vasiliev


Continuing along with their theme of brutality, Russian forces have once again struck at the heart of Beskovetus, this time laying waste to several innocent bystanders who happened to get in the way of their master plan (read more, page 9). However, thanks to an inside source with the Bekovetus government, Bekovetus Daily has managed to uncover the reasoning behind Russia’s barbaric attacks.


It seems not weeks prior to the events leading to the border incursion, a member of the Russian GRU leaked sensitive information of a plan known as “Operation Uran” to non other than Governor Yurnayev, one of the members of the newly formed BKT Internal Security Council and the top contender for the head position in the coming internal election. It is this leak that has lead to Russian special forces invading BKT soil in the dead of night, causing havoc to anything in their path in an effort to track down their escaping mole.


Little is known about the fugitive other than his Alias; “Bourbon” and that his fleeing has brought harm to many BKT citizens. However, in a press conference with Governor Yurnayev, he had this to say:


“It is with no doubt in my mind that if the young hero referred to as “Bourbon” had not come to me with the shocking news of a Russian invasion, many more BKT lives would have been lost and the carnage the Russian forces would have brought in their wake, unimaginable. It was only this advanced notice that had allowed us the proper time to bolster our border forces and effectively evacuate citizens in harm’s way.”. – Governor Nikolay Yurnayev, 27th October.


Regardless of the alleged “heroics” of the unknown individual, numerous innocent lives have been lost and many are having a hard time justifying the senseless slaughter. Fortunately, after the press conference, Yurnayev has agreed to arrange a meeting with Bekovetus Daily and “Bourbon”, allowing this paper to get an inside view to the despicable events surrounding “Operation Uran”. I ask our dear readers to watch this space in the coming issues of BKT Daily as we unravel the story behind the man known as “Bourbon” and the blood trail he leaves behind him.


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