ASORSYNC Update – New Campaign Pre-Download – 5.7GB

In ASORSYNC2 if you go to the drop down for the servers (Launch Button) you will now see “New Campaign”. There will not be a server up for this but you can pre-download the bulk of the mods required for the next campaign. I have kept the mod names as they would be from downloading (in brackets below) so if you already have them so long as they are named the same it will not download them again, they include:

  • Map: Beketov (@Beketov)
  • Map: Leskovets (@Leskovets)
  • Map: Napf Island (@NapfIslandA3)
  • Map: Taunus (@xCam_Taunus)
  • Gear Mod: Military Gear Pack (@MilGearPack)
  • Gear Mod: Caucasus Insurgency (@FGN_CauRebels)
  • Vehicle Mod: BO-105 Helicopter (@sfp_bo105)

Its obviously a large download so this is why its up early, you can either download it through ASORSYNC2 or individually – Note: The size is indicated at 5.7GB however that does not factor in ASORSYNC2 compression. 



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