Set-up guide for playing ARMA3 with ASOR

Set-up Teamspeak if you don't have it. It will be required for Operations and is a way of getting help with the set-up when you need it.
You can then add the ASOR Teamspeak server

ASOR uses an extensive mods list, both public mods and some of our own custom mods or altered public mods, this can be a large download initially but every effort is made to keep the updates as small as possible when changes need to be made.

It is a requirement to use ASORSYNC to update your mods and launch your game when joining to play with ASOR. Alternate or mods that are not up to date can ruin the night for everyone so please follow these steps to ensure you set-up and run everything correctly.

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ASOR Setup Guide

Please complete all the steps (1 to 14) to ensure your mods are correct before joining an ASOR Operation. If you experience any issues or have any concerns about ASORSYNC please view the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page or visit our #help channel on DISCORD


Getting Assistance – The fastest response you will get is on Discord in the #help channel. 


Step 1 – Download ASORSYNC2asorsync2login

Step 2 – Run the installer.

Step 3 – You will be prompted as a security precaution to proceed. For Windows Smartscreen select More Info and then Run Anyway to continue installation. 

Step 4 – The installation will run, answer any prompts as required.

Step 5 – A shortcut is created on your desktop, launch ASORSYNC2 for the first time.

Step 7 – Open SETTINGS from the button at the top of the screen and ASORSYNC2 will attempt to locate:

  • Your ARMA 3 executable file.
  • Your ARMA 3 directory. (or mod folder if separate)
  • Teamspeak Folder.asorsync2settings

If any of these fields are empty or incorrect simple click the BROWSE button and locate the correct locations. 

Step 8 – OPTIONAL – You can tick the box’s DEFAULT WORLD EMPTY and NO SPLASH options to help load ARMA 3 faster.

Step 9 – Select SAVE to exit.

Step 10 – ASORSYNC2 will conduct a scan of your mods, this make take up to 5 mins the first time only depending on your HDD speed. Once this is complete to begin the mod updates Select Launch and choose the ‘ASOR Operations Server‘, ASORSYNC2 will download the mods (upto 20GB possibly) and launch the game and join the server once complete. (to download the mods only select the Update Only tick box above the Launch button and select No Server)


  • ASORSYNC2 will perform quick scan for changes each time it loads.asorsync2
  • ASORSYNC2 will download any updates before joining the server.
  • There are option ASOR approved mods available in the settings area. Ticking the box for the mod, ASORSYNC2 will automatically download that mod and launch with it while selected.  
  • From time to time there will be updates to ASORSYNC2, upon loading you will be prompted to install the updates. Follow the prompts and reload ASORSYNC2 when finished.




The forum has previous issues encountered so you can check there for your issue, if someone is available Teamspeak you can ask for help there. The fastest response you will get is on Discord in the #help channel.