Australian Strategic Operations Regiment is a ArmA 3 Gaming Unit that conducts training, missions and operations in ArmA 3 as close to realism as possible without losing the fun of the game.

ASOR draws on the knowledge and experience from current and former serving army members both regular and special forces for accurate tactics and techniques, mission and operations experiences which are then adapted into ArmA 3 gameplay.

No experience is required either military or gaming as a detailed training regime exists to bring new members up to scratch within the ArmA 3 world. Including basic infantry training through to radio, vehicle, air to advanced infantry tactics.

ASOR was formed in 2013 and has been operating every year since.

How We Operate

ASOR conducts operations on Sunday nights from 1900 hrs AEST (Sydney Time) and training operations on Wednesdays also starting from 1900 hrs AEST. Operations consist of missions based off an overall campaign that generally runs for several months before we start a new campaign. Missions are generated from ASOR members using ASOR guidelines and a generally following the campaign at the time. There is also other adversarial nights or operation nights conducted by members outside of our main campaign regularly.

Training also follows inline with the campaign and the current mission knowledge requirements as well as revision of basic training topics. There is no training attendance as a requirement however attending an initial Open Training night so we can cover basic soldiering skills, ASOR squad structures and tactics is a requirement. For more information on applying to join see the JOIN PAGE. Training nights generally also consist of an operation re-enforcing the training just undertaken or are a normal mission night as per our campaign.


Although based from real Australian tactics and procedures ASOR has adapted its own tactics and procedures both that work for our player base and what translates into ARMA3. We take our operations seriously and strive to learn and better our teams however we do not consider ourselves a ‘hardcore’ milsim community. We do not have officers or ranks just positions members work towards understanding and mastering.

We do not tolerate immature behaviour and expect every member to play under our adapted structure.



ASOR members are expected to act maturely at all times both in game and when dealing with fellow members generally.

When conducting ASOR Operations, Training or Mini-Ops or utilising the ASOR server at anytime at no time should members be shooting friendly forces, shooting unnecessarily, blowing shit up, crashing vehicles/air intentionally or generally being disruptive. This includes pre and post ops and all use of the ASOR server at anytime.

During ASOR Operations, Training or Mini-Ops immersion is very important to alot of members and therefore for the respect of other members we ask that you maintain this immersion. ( Definition of Immersion: 2. deep mental involvement in something. )

If you are going to use the ASOR server to play, you play as an ASOR member under ASOR rules or you don’t use the ASOR server.

Any member that fails to operate to these few basic rules or are not able to achieve the level of required maturity may receive a warning, issued an attendance ban for several weeks or be asked to leave, not necessarily in that order and potentially without prior warning.

New members are expected to fit into the existing, well established and long running team not the other way round. It is recommended new members attempt to get an understanding of how ASOR operates in the beginning before sharing your words of wisdom on how we should be running things, prior milsim experience or not.


Simulation | Training | Operations | Teams


ASOR aims to provide as close to realism simulation of the battlefield as possible without taking away from the fun of the gameplay. Many of our members work tirelessly to ensure the right balanced is maintained.


Training draws upon members real life military experience and veteran ARMA players providing useful and interesting training sessions that better our teams and add to the overall simulation on mission.


ASOR conducts major operations that can include several missions and sub operations that span a month or two. ASOR has several experienced map makers that all contribute and a great support base for new mappers as well.


ASOR runs organised teams on mission ranging from infantry, air, armoured and support teams. The teams are organised and have keen leadership that ensures our teams run smoothly and enjoyably for all team members.

Thinking of Joining ASOR? Please visit the JOIN page for detailed information on joining. ASOR SETUP GUIDE

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