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Russian – Business As Usual – Border Incursion
By Ivan Vasiliev

The Berkovetus Government and the newly formed Weimar Union Council have both condemned an invasion by Russian forces into Berkovetus territory. Russian officials have yet to comment on the activity along the border and Russian news outlets have zero coverage of the escalation of force, the entirety of Russia is business as usual.

The border incursion occurring in the early hours of September 27th reportedly involved special forces and paratroops, mechanised and heavy armour and thousands of regular troops. BKT sources revealed that the BKT government had no knowledge of the invasion until well after 0700 after major confusion within BKT circles as communication went dark shortly after 0600 the exact same time a major exercise began simulating a Russian invasion.

It’s believed Russian forces secured key bridge crossings, roads, towns and large areas of forest regions along the border in the last 24 hours since commencing this invasion. Given the zero communication policy coming out of the Kremlin more is expected in the next 24 hours with the President declaring a state of war with Russia this evening.


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